Abide With Me
Wilton Hack

The Theosophist, June 1899.

Abide with me,
Thou Atmic Ray Divine,
And shed Thy Light upon this soul of mine;
I have no hope, no source of light but Thee;
O Thou, possessing all,
Abide with me.

When sickness rages, clouds around me throng,
Be this my consolation and my song:
“The Lord of Light, can ne’er unfaithful be,
And this great King of Kings abides with me.”
I fear not what this world may do or say;
I only fear the foe that doth betray -
My lower self, that shrinks away from Thee -
But thou art patient, Lord;
Abide with me.

I ask not ease, immunity from pain;
For discipline, I know, is always gain;
But sometimes, Lord, unveil and smile on me,
Unworthy though I am;
Abide with me.

Thus through all ills, all sorrows, sickness, pain,
Thy hand shall guide, my lower self restrain;
And daily shall this prayer arise to Thee:
“Oh King of Peace, my God,
Abide with me.

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