Extracts from a Letter that Has Helped Me
William Q. Judge

What you are now passing through I myself felt and knew, as you will remember. And "passing through" is the correct term, believe me, though just now the shock and exhaustion of grief make movement of any kind seem impossible indeed.

It is only when life appears to hold nothing that we can examine it unprejudiced. What has happened makes a stoppage for you. The past is past and done with. The present is merely deadness. Toward the future you have not the heart to look. So you now face life in your moment of stillness-life naked and  uncolored, because you have no feeling whatever for it; life ready to give up its secrets to you, because for the first time you are where you can examine life itself.

A Being you loved is dead, you say. The end has come for that one, now only a memory for you. But when the warmth left the body of your dear one and the form was still in death, did existence altogether end, was the stoppage complete; or was it merely the body itself that ceased to be as such, and did the Being merely leave the form because it was so broken by accident or illness that it could no longer respond to the commands of the one who was operating in and through it?

What was it that you loved of this Being who has passed - the body? Or was it the Life, the Con­sciousness, the Soul that used it? You know you loved that Individual through all its changes of body, of which there were so many. This in itself is proof that it was not the body but something else you loved. And is that Soul which you loved now dead? How can you say so - you who cannot think yourself out of existence, you who persist through every change of form! That which lives and thinks in you is the "Eternal Pilgrim", for whom there is no beginning and no end, however many changes of body and of mind you use. So it was and is with the Being you have "lost", now operating as an individual on its own plane of being in another way than this earthly existence.

Science tells us that nothing is ever lost. And this "losing" of yours is nothing further than the loss of physical contact for a little while. You met here on earth in bodies during this physical life. You will meet here again in physical lives to come. The Universe is a Universe of Law. Effects inevitably follow causes. Think of the causes you two have set up together during the time of your relationship! You will meet the effects together in another life right here on earth, the place where your joint thoughts and actions took place, the field where you sowed your seeds. Your "loss" then is really not a loss, but merely a separation for a time.

"But this is Reincarnation," you say, "and I never could accept Reincarnation."

If Reincarnation is the process of life and growth, if it furnishes the only complete explanation of the conditions we meet and the relations we make, if it explains physical life and death, your acceptance or rejection of the idea makes it neither true nor false. Your only relief from present crushing sorrow is in securing an explanation of it, an explanation that really explains.

Reincarnation means Successive lives on earth. This is the process of nature, seen on every hand and best shown in its complete cycle, perhaps, by the round of plant life - from seed to plant, to flower, to fruit, to seed - and then to plant again, each succeeding expression of the life, or Consciousness, in the seed based on the experience and progress gained in the previous expressions.

Our bodies are nature’s own, just as the seeds and plants are. They are supplied us by our parents. We connect ourselves with them before birth. We persist in them all through the various changes of birth, youth, maturity and age, until death brings about their disintegration. Then we leave them, refraining from physical life for a time until a fitting opportunity for birth presents itself and permits us to reincarnate.

Why do we come back to earth again? Why not go to some "Heaven" or to existence on some other planet?

"Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap," says St. Paul. "Action and reaction are equal," proves the Scientist. "There is no cause without its resulting effect," says the Philosopher. Experience shows us that all these statements are true.

The Ancient Wisdom calls this law the Law of Karma, and demonstrates its action on every plane of being.

Now let us examine it. "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” If this is true, its converse is true. So what we are now reaping, we must have sown. Then our condition today is our harvest of what we have sown. This is true today and it must have been true yesterday, and the day before, and last year and every year - true also the day we were born.

Thus our birth, with all its conditions of body and family and aptitudes, and opportunity or lack of it, was a reaping of what we had sown. The death is a reaping, too. The Soul knows what it needs. Its span of life each time in body is set and fixed. Once its task is done, it leaves the work. And death always comes to the Soul as a friend.

Our family ties, relations, enemies, loves, hates all are reapings from causes set up in other lives, because we always act with others and never alone. We are not independent, but rather interdependent.

So with the Being you loved, who has passed away for a time from this earth life - you have lived together on earth before, will live together on earth again and again and again. The bond of love is the strongest of all bonds, and sets up the attraction that will inevitably bring you together again. Each life will be based on the experience and progress gained in previous lives, so you will go on learning, loving and growing together.

Where is the Soul that has gone, for a time? Does it see and know what you are passing through? Could you wish it such unhappiness, to share your grief, to see the changes that must come, to feel your loneliness? Of course, you could not wish it, nor does the Soul so see and know. It is operating in its own way, assimilating the experiences of the life last lived, in which you yourself had so great a part.

And can you contact it now, through these days of sorrow? Are you ever together in fact? Yes, this may be so. For think a moment! You yourself are Soul, an Individual who has passed through many lives, bridging the gaps between them, as we bridge the periods between our earthly days with sleep. When you sleep you are not dead. The body is "unconscious," and unresponsive, but you, the Individual, have dreams. This shows that you are acting in another way. Dreams come soon after sleep sets in, and last but a short time, as has been proven. Then comes the "dreamless slumber" which includes the greater part of the night’s repose. Where are you then? Have you stopped living, stopped thinking, stopped experiencing.

"The night time of the body is the day time of the Soul," says the Ancient Wisdom. In dreamless slumber of the body, you are operating as your true self, as Soul, on the soul plane of being. There is no death for that life, the true life of man. On that plane you might well be with your loved one every time you sleep. You can't remember? Well, think of it when you go to sleep and when you wake from sleep. Perhaps a glimpse of it, a feeling of it may come through. It does with some.

To get it to the full and know its truth, the brain must be trained. It changes just as the body changes; in fact, it is only part of body and used like any other part by the Real Man in each of us.

Get a true Philosophy of Life. Begin to think straight. Life can be known and satisfactorily ex­plained - information checked up and proven, each man for himself. You'll find it in Theosophy.

But there, I've written you too much, perhaps.

It’s just this way. I, too, have suffered. I, too, have sought an explanation. What more can I say to you than this, that I have found it, that you can find it – first, out of books and in talk with those who know it; then out of life and yourself who are that very Life itself.

My sympathy and love I send you.

Your friend.

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