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After the President Elections 2008

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The future of the Theosophical Society

Future of TS

The Theosophical Society Rules and Regulations

Thesophy and democracy

Healing the Theosophical Society


Proposal of TS Rules and Regulations changes

Betty Bland's letter to the International Secretary
TS - Proposed Membership Disenfranchisement
Comments of the proposed amendments to the Society's Rules and Regulations

Poll on the proposed amendments

Proposed changes in rules theosophical presidential election
Theosophical proposals for change

Potential future presidents of the TS
P. Krishna is the greatest danger to the Theosophical Society

Your Opportunity To Read The Controversial Proposal & Express Yourself
TS - Disenfranchisement in Int. Election - Dugpas & Shammars in Action
It is John Algeo who is trying to remove powers of members

What can TS members do to retain voting rights?
TS - Disenfranchisement
TS - Disenfranchisement Proposal
Theosophical Leader

TS - Disenfranchisement - Update - Historical perspective
TS - Disenfranchisement - Update

Dissension and health of the theosophical organisation
Reaction from the Dutch Section and John Algeo to the uproar

The Future of the Theosophical Society and Changes to the Rules - Statement by John Algeo
TS & Use of Internet
TS - Info Dissemination

Letter to the Members of the General Council

John Algeo Statement - Comments by Sampsa Kuukasjärvi

TS Rule Changes
TS Rule Changes

TS - Disenfranchisement - Some more thoughts
New blogpost: about why I would quit the TS is this went through

TS - What is Ailing and What can be done

Letter to the GC members by the General Secretary of T.S. in New Zealand
Letter to the General Council - New Zealand

TS at a Critical Juncture
TS is a membership organisation

TS - Messages
Decline in Adyar TS membership in many countries

Is the whole proposal off the table?

TS - Disenfranchisement Plans

Another Voice of Concern - Dara Tatray

No longer directly electing the TS President?
Why it matters by whom the TS president is elected

Another Voice of Concern - Rajiv Gupta

Blog taken offline?

Tolerance shown by TS membership in India is unmatched
A Requiem for The Theosophical Society

TS - Elections, secret disenfranchisement proposal - Feedback from
TSA - Has it started down sizing?

Power Structures & Theosophical Societies, Groups - Comments by Raquel Rodriguez

New theosophical blogs

Theosophy Forward (Off-line)
Wake-up! Say What you Think ...
Two other blogs discussing TS organisational issues
The Theosophical Society - A forum for the discussion of institutional issues

Shared Leadership

Shared Leadership

President Elections 2008

Election Results on TSA Website
Radha Burnier Assumes Office
Commentary & Reflection On The Recent Presidential Election
Where is Elvira Carbonell?
TS President Election - An Interesting Episode


Betty Bland's message
Dynasty subverting Democracy
Dugpas & Shammers Trying to wreck TS
TS & Brotherhood
TS - Creed taking control?
Why does Theosophical Society keep members in darkenss?
Shri Shankaracharya and Democracy – Its relevance to TS today
TS members' power
Remembering HSO's vision for the TS
Memorandum dictated to HPB by KH about Olcott & the TS
Power Structures & Theosophical Societies, Groups

Membership Issues

TS - House on Fire? - Additional Comments

TS - House on Fire?
TS in America - Membership Trend?

TS in America - Member Retention?
TS in America - Member Retention?
TS - Membership in India

PTS Election 2008 Results

TS Membership statistics analysed

TS Lodges in NL

Who can Reside in Adyar or Krotona or Work at Wheaton?
Who can Reside in Adyar or Krotona or Work at Wheaton?

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