A Living Philosophy For Humanity

Volume I
No. 3 - September-October 1944

[Cover photo: Gottfried de Purucker, b. Jan 15, 1874 - d. Sept. 27, 1942. Late Leader of the Theosophical Society.]


A Living Philosophy For Humanity
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G. de Purucker
Excerpts from Questions We All Ask, Second Series, Nos. 18 and 20.

Evolution is bringing out what is within, unfolding the latent powers locked up within the deathless center which every human is at the core of the core of himself. Infinitude lies there; deathlessness lies there; and therefore the pathway of growth is endless and beginningless.

The way by which to grow is to shed the personal in order to become impersonal ... To shed, to cast aside, the limited in order to expand. How can the chick leave the egg without breaking its shell? How can the inner man expand without breaking the shell of the lower selfhood? How can the god within manifest itself that god in each of you, your own divine consciousness until the imperfect, the small, the constricted, the personal in other words, has been cast aside? It is in impersonality that lies immortality; in personality lies death. Therefore expand, grow, evolve, become what you are within! The gods call to us constantly not in human words, but in those soundless symbols transmitted to us along the inner ethers which man's heart and soul interpret as spiritual instinct, aspiration, love, self-forgetfulness; and the whole import of what these voiceless messages are, is: "Come up higher!"

Nature is not mocked. Her fundamental essence is consciousness and her fundamental law is reaction consequences. What you put into the ground of your character, you will reap; what you sow into yourself by thought and will and feeling, makes your character. Thus you build yourself through the ages; and if you do evil to some other, that evil will come back to you. You know the old saying: "Curses come home to roost." They do, indeed.

Here is the scientific basis for ethics. Ethics are not mere conventions. There are indeed conventional ethics; but the essence of ethics, the fundamental principle that right is right and wrong is wrong, that dishonor is wrong and that honor is right, that just dealing is right and that unjust dealing is wrong these fundamental things which I call ethics, are based on Nature's fundamental law.

Sow beauty into your character by your thoughts and acts, and you will become beautiful. Sow love by your aspirations and thoughts and acts, and love will build your character to be lovely, and you will meet the guerdon of love, which is love. Be lovely and you will be loved; be hateful, and the very fact of your thinking and feeling hate, distorts your character, twists it. The torsion is tremendous, because your will and feeling are with it, and you will return with a twisted and distorted character, which may even manifest in a twisted and distorted body, the natural reaction on the physical body of the indwelling energy of your character.

Sow love, and reap it; sow hate, and reap it; sow goodwill, deeds of kindness and brotherhood and you will receive goodwill, and deeds of kindness and brotherhood. Be peaceful, and you shall receive peace; be kindly, and kindliness will be your guerdon. Forgive, and forgiveness will he yours. Strive, and you will gain; aspire, and what you aspire to you shall reap; [4] for within you dwells an indomitable will springing from the very heart of the Universe; and to a man who uses his will aright and who uses his will with a will, naught can oppose his progress. If he fails, it is because his will lacks practice; and if he uses that will for evil purposes, if he abuses it, Nature will react upon him exactly according to what he did and gave.

Use your divine part, that spiritual will use it with a will on the side of right, of love, of peace, of brotherhood, of happiness to others. Nature's reaction upon you will bring back to you all that you have sown. Ethics are man's way of expressing his consciousness of the harmony and symmetry and beauty inherent in the Universe.

You are gods, my Brothers; every one of you in the core of the core of your being is a god, a divine entity ... You are Children of Cosmic Space. For the essence of you is Boundless Infinitude the All.


William Quan Judge
(From an article in The Path, New York, August, 1895.)

There is a very great difference between the Theosophical Movement and any Theosophical Society. The Movement is moral, ethical, spiritual, universal, invisible save in effect, and continuous. A Society formed for theosophical work is a visible organization, an effect, a machine for conserving energy and putting it to use; it is not nor can it be universal, nor is it continuous. Organized Theosophical bodies are made by men for their better cooperation, but, being mere outer shells, they trust change from time to time as human defects come out, as the tines change, and as the great underlying spiritual movement compels such alterations.

The Theosophical Movement being continuous, it is to be found in all times and in all nations. Wherever thought has struggled to be free, wherever spiritual ideas, as opposed to forms and dogmatism, have been promulgated, there the great movement is to be discerned. Jacob Boehme's work was part of it, and so also was the Theosophical Society of over one hundred years ago [sic] ; Luther"s reformation must be reckoned as a portion of it; and the great struggle between Science and Religion, clearly portrayed by Draper, was every bit as much a motion of the Theosophical Movement as is the present Society of that name indeed that struggle, and the freedom thereby gained for Science, were really as important in the advance of the world, as are our different organizations. And among political examples of the movement is to be counted the Independence of the American colonies, ending in the formation of a great nation, theoretically based on Brotherhood. One can therefore see that to worship an organization, even though it be the beloved theosophical one, is to fall down before Form, and to become the slave once more of that dogmatism which our portion of the Theosophical Movement, the T.S., was meant to overthrow.

Some members have worshiped the so-called"Theosophical Society," thinking it to be all in all, and not properly perceiving its de facto and piecemeal character as an organization nor that it was likely that this devotion to [5] mere form would lead to a nullification of Brotherhood at the first strain. And this latter, indeed, did occur with several members. They even forgot, and still forget, that H.P. Blavatsky herself declared that it were better to do away with the Society rather than to destroy Brotherhood, and that she herself declared the European part of it free and independent. These worshipers think that there must be a continuance of the old form in order for the Society to have an international character.

But the real unity and prevalence, and the real internationalism, do not consist in having a single organization. They are found in the similarity of aim, of aspiration, of purpose, of teaching, of ethics. Freemasonry a great and important part of the true Theosophical Movement is universally international; and yet its organizations are numerous, autonomous, sovereign, independent ...

When the Theosophical Society was young and small, it was necessary that it should have but one government for the whole of it. But now that it has grown wide and strong, having spread among nations so different from each other as the American, the English, the Spanish, the Swedish and others in Europe, and the Hindu, it is essential that a change in the outward form be made. This is that it become like the Freemasons independent in government wherever the geographical or national conditions indicate that necessity. And that this will he done in time, no matter what certain persons may say to the contrary, there is not the slightest doubt. * (* It is interesting to note in this connection the insistence of our late Leader, Dr. de Purucker, upon the autonomy and self-Government of all the National Sections of our Society, as the best condition of healthy growth through individual initiative. Ed. Theos.)

The American Group, being by geographical and other conditions outwardly separate, began the change so as to be in government free and independent, but in basis, aspiration, aim, and work united with all true Theosophists.

We have not changed the work of H.P.B.; we have enlarged it ...

Those who desire to keep up H.P.B.'s war against dogmatism will applaud and encourage the American movement because their liberated minds permit; but those who do not know true Theosophy, nor see the difference between forms and the soul of things, will continue to worship Form and to sacrifice Brotherhood to a shell.


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Horace Willard

The author of this article is a young Negro, born and educated in Los Angeles, Calif. He has worked for ten years in the field of radio. Personally acquainted with racial prejudice and discrimination, this festering disease of the soul affecting selfish and parochial minds, he has acquired a spiritual strength which results from opposition courageously met, and has devoted his life to the promotion of interracial understanding. He donates freely the inspiration of his pen to local papers promoting goodwill among various races. The Editor is proud to count Horace Willard among his friends. Ed. Theos.

Upon the request of a very good friend, I sit and write about the "Brotherhood of man." To write convincingly about a subject so much discussed and so seldom practiced, is not easy. So many talk and so few do that the subject in itself is abstract and ambiguous as well as lacking in substance.

Practically the only true followers of brotherhood are children; the younger they are the more fond of their playmates and the less conscious of race. Maybe because when we're young we are recently from God and therefore closer to God. In my youth I had the happy experience of enjoying a healthy full childhood, of what so many adults of today term "true racial understanding." But we didn't call it that then. I just palled around with Pete, because I liked Pete and he liked me. Then there was Joe, a Mexican boy whose immigrant parents moved in our neighborhood soon after I could walk. We both liked Joe and evidently Joe liked us. The three of us, Pete of French-Irish extraction, Joe the son of Mexican immigrants and I a Negro, were the best of friends. A strange threesome we made in our later years. Joe with his oily black hair and round chubby face, Pete of the sandy curls and I with kinky hair and dark brown skin.

Like most children we had two paramount pleasures in life, food and play, and together we enjoyed them to the fullest. Over at Pete's house we had delicious apple pie with pieces of warmed cheese on top and ice-cold milk to wash it down. As Pete's mother put it: "The milk was to give us strong teeth to chew another piece of pie the next day." And Joe's mother was always good for a handout of highly-spiced large red beans wrapped in a blanket-like Mexican roll called "tortillas." Garnished with chopped meats, this was exquisite. My mom was famous for her hot biscuits, golden brown fried chicken and candied sweet potatoes, and Negro mothers get a parental joy from feeding and caring for any child that comes along. From house to house we panhandled until our little tummies ached; in the streets, vacant lots or flower gardens, we played until six little legs wouldn't carry three little bodies any further and there we went to sleep.

Three wards of God free from man's greatest curse, race prejudice. But that was to come later, for we were destined in the ways of man, and man's education deals too much with prejudice both in the school and at home. Or else how would a child learn? When we entered senior high school our friendship was slowly breaking off. Nothing apparent, we were just drifting apart. This disturbed me to such a point that I asked my father why Pete, Joe and myself didn't get on as we used to. My dad said, "You're arriving at your adolescent period, son. And American adolescence is when one becomes sex-conscious and race-conscious!" And so we grew wiser academically. We learned that Lincoln freed the slaves and the slaves were black like me; we also learned that most of the peoples of Mexico [7] were poor and indolent and very few had an education, there's where Joe's parents come from. I knew how he felt when these subjects were under discussion; I felt the same way when the teacher talked about Negro slaves. They didn't tell us about Benito Juarez, the great liberator of Mexico, or Booker T. Washington, the Negro educator.

At home our education of hatred and prejudice was also carried on. Unconsciously, but nevertheless carried on! I was told that my grandparents were sold as slaves, beaten and killed by white slave-owners. So naturally I developed a dislike for whites. Joe was told the reason his people were so poor; white oil men and land-grabbers had robbed and exploited the Mexicans of everything they had. This was not wholly true, but Joe believed it. Pete, on the other hand, was taught that his was the more popular color and his grandparents were rulers, the darker races inferior. These tales were fed into our young ears innocently enough, in bedtime stories, nursery rhymes and the many other ways home education is administered to children, but they were just as effective as if they were ground out by a modern propaganda machine. Thus we were educated at home and at school! On graduation day we stood in cap and gown and received our diplomas, and so well were we educated that we scarcely spoke to each other.

Today the world is at war. A war that was caused by the same prejudice and hatred that was forced upon me and my two friends. We have hopes of making this a better world to live in when the peace is signed. "We will make a peace that will last forever," I hear postwar planners say. "At the next conference table there will be a program of peace so tremendous, invoked upon the world, that it will he impossible to enter into another war for a thousand years!"

This may be true, but I don't believe it. The next world peace may he drawn up at a conference table, but it will never be carried out until we have a meeting of the minds of the masses. People must again become like little children, get close to God, forget creed, color and religion, and love our fellow man because in our fellow man is he who represents us all. Then and only then will we enjoy true Brotherhood of Man.


Grace Finlayson

Today more persons are hungry than there have been for ages past. And it is for those who have food, to give to those who have not. But what is the kind of sustenance for which the hungry crave?

Man is much more than his gross physical body. He has many Selves ranging from the divine to the material. Which of these Selves is most in need of food? Surely not the body which we are taught is the lowest of our composite nature.

Too long has man been kept in ignorance. Today many are no longer satisfied with the pap which has been fed them: the pap which has dulled their intellect and prevented them from "eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge." Many are now eagerly searching for that which will wake them up. They are wearied of the sugarcoated sedatives that have put them to sleep. They are eager to know what life is all about and where they are going and how to proceed there [8] in the best and most efficient way.

The story is told of a traveler on a train of whom the conductor asked, "Where are you going?" and the man replied, "I do not know." "Why are you traveling?" the man was asked arid he replied, "I do not know." The conductor enquired, "Who are you?" and again the man answered, "I do not know." Think of the millions today who would have given the same answers. They cannot tell where they are going, why they are traveling or who they are.

Fortunately, thousands are waking from their lethargy and are seeking the nourishment that will satisfy their whetted appetites. Life will hold a meaning and purpose if they are told, that each man has within himself a spark of Divinity, that he is traveling an aeon-long journey toward perfection, and that he has lived many, many lives, endeavoring to unfold this god-spark, that he also may ultimately attain godhood.

If these starving thousands are givens but the two simple facts of karma and reincarnation, a whole new life will open before them. Wars will be impossible when all men fully understand the law of karma: the law of which St. Paul spoke when he said: "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Would the peoples of the earth be so unintelligent as to commit wholesale murder if they realized that the seeds of war will most certainly produce the fruits of another war, for which they will have to pay either in this or some future life?

Those of us who have been given these teachings are like guests at a great banquet table. How shall we show our appreciation? Are we going to sit still and gorge on spiritual food, absorbing all that we can for ourselves alone, or shall we rise and seek those whom we can invite to share the food from this abundant table?

On every side we are surrounded by hungry Souls. The person sitting next to us on a streetcar or bus may be so Hungry for an answer to his problems, that his entire life might be changed for the better if he is given some of the food that sustains and satisfies.

It is easy to drop a word or a hurt that will start the mind of a stranger thinking. Simple remarks like, "Well, in my last life I must have done so-and-so," or "In my next life I'm determined to do so-and-so," will invariably bring forth the query, "Oh, do you believe in reincarnation?" What better opening could present itself?

To my mind, the most zealous aim of every true theosophist should be to do all in his power to get these wisdom-teachings out into the world, and never miss an opportunity to feed all starving then, women and children who must, sooner or later, be fed the apple of true knowledge, as symbolized in the Bible allegory. [9]


Transcribed Radio Broadcast of December 26, 1943, over Station KMPC, Beverly Hills, California.

Announcer: "Theosophy Speaks!" ... "Light for the Mind - Love for the Heart - Understanding for the Intellect."

"Theosophy Speaks" will undertake to answer some of the many questions in our minds regarding life and death, and will endeavor to show that Man cannot have a true comprehension of ethics and morals without understanding his proper place in the Universe, his Origin, his real Nature, and his Destiny. Last Sunday, in discussing man's real Nature, we brought out that Man is not merely the body which identifies him to others. That, in reality, he is a complex being with seven principles or levels of consciousness. These are: the Physical, Astral, Energy, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Divine. That he uses all seven phases of his nature as tools for experience in his evolutionary pilgrimage in the realms of matter. And just as a thermometer indicates decrees of temperature, so do our emotions, thoughts, and actions indicate on which level of our nature we are functioning. Also, that the purpose of life is to bring all of these seven levels of consciousness under the domination of the spiritual and divine parts of our real Nature. Today, realizing that many people are not only curious, but seriously interested in Reincarnation. We begin a series of four dialogues on this subject. Our Scene: A cheerful, smoke-filled library. The host and two friends visit as they wait for Sunday dinner. One of the guests suddenly interrupts the conversation ...

HAL: For half all hour now we've beers talking politics and economics subjects we discuss every day. I want to learn something about Reincarnation. Been seeing intimations of it in movies, books, poetry, and so forth and I'm actually getting curious about it.

BILL: All I know about it is that I don't believe it besides there's no proof for it.

TOM: Neither is there any proof against it, Bill.

BILL: It's defeatist fatalistic!

TOM: On the contrary, old boy, it takes courage to believe in Reincarnation because you must face yourself honestly.

BILL: Only longhairs believe in it!

TOM: (Amused) Is that so? ... It'll probably come as a shock to you then to learn that three-fourths of the world's population believe in it and these three-fourths include people in all walks of life. Here in the Western World, what would you say if I told you that there are doctors, scientists, lawyers and preachers, who think and say that Reincarnation is a fact and that there is much proof? Why, Bill, the very fact that man intuitively knows that there are reserves of power and possibilities within him that are seeking expression the fact that nearly everyone yearns to be something which he senses within the very urge to a better life is our daily PROOF that man has a great destiny a destiny that each man achieves for himself. It takes courage to face yourself honestly and say: IT IS UP TO ME though it takes me aeons of time and many lives.

HAL: But how would you briefly define Reincarnation?

TOM: Reincarnation is a phase of the Law of Re-imbodiment. Atoms, stars, planets, universes, galaxies all re-imbody themselves. Human beings, having bodies of flesh, reincarnate. The word "reincarnation" means to re-inflesh.

BILL: You mean everything re-imbodies?

TOM: Yes periodically. Nature's laws which might also be called "nature's HABITS" affect all entities in Nature. You see, Bill, one of the biggest handicaps we have is the tendency to look upon man as merely [10] a product of PHYSICAL evolution. It has the effect of discounting man's spiritual nature. And the result of this is a horror of death. How can anybody be happy or progressive if he believes that death ends all? Theosophy says that man is a deathless, spiritual being using body, emotions and mind as vehicles of expression and experience in the material world.

HAL: Oh yes, you told us about that last week. You said the body, our vitality, our emotions and desires and our power to think were our SERVANTS.

TOM : That's right, Hal. You see, Theosophy says that there is no such thing as dead matter. Everything in the Kosmos has some form, or some degree, of life and energy. Now, where there is life, there is action. Right?

BILL: Of course. Even in so small a thing as the atom, the amount of energy in it is staggering.

TOM: Isn't it logical, then, that where there is action there is bound to be fatigue?

HAL: Well, I know that at night I'm so tired after a busy day that I have to go to sleep to recuperate!

TOM: Why do you have to recuperate?

Hal: So I'll have the vitality to carry on my next day's activities.

TOM: Exactly. And that's why we say that Reincarnation is a NECESSITY. After about seventy odd years a human being is tired, life has worn out his body. And his soul has had just as much experience as it can stand at one time. So ... body

and soul need rest. The man throws off his worn-out body and goes into another sphere to RECUPERATE. Then when the soul is refreshed after a long period of rest, it is ready and

prepared even eager to resume its activities. So it is born again on this earth in anew body.

BILL: Just a minute, Tom. You said, "he goes off into another sphere to recuperate." I don't like such vagueness. WHERE does he go?

TOM: First you tell me where you go when you sleep.

BILL: (Laughs) To bed.

TOM: (Laugh) Your body is stretched out on a bed, yes. But the reason it is inert is because you, its tenant, have gone off somewhere. When you return and take possession again, your body becomes animated again. Now, when you temporarily left your body in sleep, where did you go?

BILL: (Laugh) I asked you first, Tom!

TOM: It certainly must have been to another plane or sphere of consciousness, Bill. Because life or consciousness is continuous. There is no such thing actually, as BIRTH and DEATH. Just varying kinds of LIFE . . . We are born into one kind of life and we die into another kind of life. Life is continuous therefore, consciousness, whether on one plane or another, is continuous. In fact, we can say that sleep is incomplete death and death is complete sleep.

HAL: Say, that's very interesting. (Meditatively ...) Sleep is incomplete death death is complete sleep.

TOM: You see, in sleep the withdrawal of your consciousness to another plane is only partial and temporary . . . therefore, you can return to your body and resume daily activities. But in death, the withdrawal of your consciousness is complete and so your body disintegrates. At any rate, the sleeping period and the death period are both for the purpose of rest and recuperation.

HAL: As far as I'm concerned, Tom, you make sense. But, why do we have to come back HERE to Earth?

TOM: Why were you born here in lire FIRST PLACE? It wasn't blind, accidental happen-chance! Nature doesn't work that way. Logically, there is something we must [11] accomplish in this particular spot called Earth. Let's say that the Earth is a school where there are various subjects we must master in order to evolve, or graduate, into a higher sphere of life. You start in the first grade you study, learn, then you are given tests, if you've done your work well, you pass into the second grade and so on. BUT, if you fail in your work, you must remain in that same grade until you have learned your lessons. The reason we come back here is because the things the have to learn HERE cannot be learned any other place or we'd be THERE instead of here. A farmer doesn't plant seeds in one place and then travel miles away to another farm to harvest his crops! We have to come back here to reap the harvest on the spot where the seeds were sown.

HAL: Your point is pure logic, Tom ... maybe it's fear that makes me wish I'd go somewhere else.

TOM: Your scene of action, Hal, until you have mastered all the challenges and problems the Earth has to offer is right on this planet. Why go to another place when you haven't been a success here? You see, your unfinished duties and obligations, the unlearned lessons and unsatisfied ambitions PULL YOU back here. We call it magnetic attraction.

BILL: Well, I for one don't want to come back. I'd just as soon enjoy life and then be snuffed out.

HAL: I guess everybody would but evidently Nature doesn't work that way.

TOM: Your way would be easy, Bill but it's not very courageous, is it? You see, fellows, the NEED is to tell people of their SIGNIFICANCE in the evolutionary plan. We need a larger view of the purpose and destiny of the human race. You and I didn't spring into being at the MOMENT OF BIRTH! Theosophy is the only thing I've come across that, to

my mind at least, satisfactorily EXPLAINS the riddles and inequalities of life. It shows man's relation to the Universe. In fact, man is a pilgrim with a Spiritual origin and a Divine Destiny.

BILL: Well, it certainly is a different conception than most evolutionists have.

TOM: Yes it is. But you see, Bill, the materialistic idea of evolution leaves out man's Spiritual Nature and also the spiritual aspect of Nature itself. And you simply must take it into consideration because the cure of Nature is essentially Spiritual.

HAL: As you were talking, Tom, I got the feeling of tremendous periods of time. Endless, almost.

TOM: Nature works slowly, and continuously repeats itself. Evolution requires TIME and depends on CONTINUITY. We are evolving, growing units in an evolving universe, and need time plenty of time to reach our goal. That's why we say REINCARNATION IS A NECESSITY.

BILL: I agree that evolution takes time billions of years perhaps. But I still think that people evolve through their descendants and not individually.

TOM: Bill, have you ever asked why people are so different? Why are some so rich in money and so poor in kindliness why are some born with such poor health why do opportunities come to some people and not to others why do some have more will power than others why are some born with tendencies to evil which they are given little time to outgrow? Why, the inequalities of life are in themselves enough to embitter the heart and destroy initiative!

TOM: It is, Bill, to a certain extent. But think a moment. Heredity and environment are consequences, not causes. The answer lies much deeper than that. There are inequalities in people of the same heredity [12] and environment. One child in the family will he stolid, another brilliant. One will have perfect health and his brother he born an idiot. One will submit to his environment, and his brother will raise himself out of it and become President!

HAL: Now you're saying something! Everybody wonders why that is.

TOM: It's because we've all taken up where we left off before. Some have learned their lessons and passed on to the next grade while others failed the tests and must do them again. Some have wasted time and are born without talent and just plod along. Others acquired a high degree of perfection along certain lines and are born perhaps musicians, geniuses, prodigies. We might have a lifelong dream of a career that was never possible or other unsatisfied longings. These are energies. Somewhere sometime they must develop and bear fruit.

HAL: That must he what the philosophers mean by "the hunger of the human heart."

TOM: Yes. And only human life can satisfy it.

BILL: I know, but I still think these "unsatisfied longings" bear fruit, as you put it, in our children.

TOM: A child of yours cannot complete your evolution. He has his own you have your own. We don't enter a university and expect to leave it, an educated person, in one term.

TOM: Neither can we master the school of life in one lifetime. It's foolish even to suppose it. One seventy-odd year life is not enough.

HAL: Do you think we develop talents in PAST lives which are our easiest lines of effort NOW?

TOM: Yes. Then too, you've developed HABITS, good and bad, which are the easiest lines of effort. For instance, take a man who dies a drunkard's death

Sound: Opening of door ...

MRS. BILL: Oh, Bill dear, I'm sorry to interrupt this confab (pleasantly) but dinner is ready and waiting.

HAL: (Laughs) And we certainly cat talk about a drunkard during dinner, can we?

All laugh ...

TOM: Tell you what you're invited to dine with ME, next week, boys. And we'll go into a few more details. That is, if you want to.

HAL: Yes, I can make it.

BILL: That's a splendid idea.


Della A. Pierce
(Condensed from a talk given before a Study-Class.)

The Universe, structurally, is made up of planes or spheres, visible and invisible, extending endlessly in the direction of Spirit on the one hand, and of increasing materiality on the other. In this evolutionary pattern moves "little man" somewhere between gross materiality and ethereal spirituality, "muddling" his way through every experience on endless planes and worlds.

The evolving entity, in whatever form it may be manifesting, whenever it has finished a cycle of experience enters a higher plane and goes through a similar cycle, but on a higher plane of growth, in the Cosmic Hierarchy. In this new cycle of experience he is a beginner, just as our new personality of every incarnation is first a child in its development on this physical globe. [13]

All beginners studying this truth wonder why we do not make faster progress. But when we remember that Cosmic Life works through endless stages and degrees of substances and forces, then we realize that this growth is one of expansion of consciousness and sensory perceptions. In other words, when the Human Life-Wave has finished this present world-systems. Consciousness, in its bloom, so-to-speak, into entities that would appear godlike to us, at our present stage of evolution.

This is the destiny not only of man but of everything that lives, endless growth through endless time to learn firsthand everything in innumerable world-systems. Consciousness, in its continuous expansion, must do so self-consciously, with complete awareness of its own growth. Pure consciousness is free of all limitations. It manifests according to the space or sphere which it infills. It call be Cosmic or electronic, so to say because in its own essence it cannot be measured or limited. Some consciousness on an electron may have thoughts similar to our divine thoughts. This is so because all forms of manifested substance are, ultimately, offsprings of Cosmic Intelligence; every mathematical point in the Universe is in-filled with Cosmic Consciousness, because rooted in it from all eternity.

We humans are of course still very imperfect in our evolutionary growth. Beings on other planets of the Solar System are more advanced and think diviner thoughts than we do. Beings inhabiting the Sun how strange this must sound in the ears of accepted physical science! are thinking godlike thoughts because their consciousness has reached godlike or Solar expansion.

Just as the Universal Life or Consciousness works through and holds together our own Home Universe, as astronomers call it, so the life or vital-currents in man's physical and astral structure is the lower aspect of that vital, cohesive, something which holds all of man's constitution together as a Unit or Organism.

There is an entire Universe within the human body. It has its worlds, its planes, and it is inhabited by millions of cells, grouped into "kingdoms" and "races," such as bone-cells, nerve-cells, tissue-cells, what not. Our conscious Self is the ruler or god of this system. Likewise, the Suns or Stars, planets and satellites, nebulae and star-clusters, are organ and structural parts of a Universal Organism, composed of all the substances and forces of a Universe. Our own life is merely an integral part of that infinite life throbbing through the arteries and veins of Cosmic Space. Man evolves between two Infinities: in the direction of Cosmic magnitudes, and in the direction of the infinitesimals.

All the great and inspired Poets and Philosophers of history have voiced the Truth that the "World Soul" permeates everything. It is but another way of saying that the Supreme Self of any Hierarchy infills it throughout and permeates it with its Life. That "Highest" dwells in every man that is born. This is true ancient Pantheism: the belief, the intuition that back of all things there is a Divine Essence that issues innumerable multitudes of rays, life-consciousness-rays. That Essence being the Spiritual Sun from which all Universes flow forth into being, and into which they will all eventually return.


If you think you are right, and can tell the reasons why, do not worry over what people will think. Do what your head and conscience dictate. If you cannot say correctly what you think, you cannot think correctly. Joseph Stalin. [14]



Sitting on a hilltop one day, engrossed in silent contemplation of a view that embraced the majestic expanse of a tranquil ocean on one side and the silent grandeur of a mountain range on the other; a thought kept flashing into mind Tranquility, that is of the essence of Nature's Ways.

Whether it be the sprouting seed, or the slowly rising mountain range, Serenity Tranquility Calmness reigns. Even the wild animal life that abounds, is governed by the same rules; accentuated, but not denied by sporadic quarrels and fights, indulged in by individual members of its varied species. Man is like that also.

Then, following through came the flash: Then why is it that man alone, the highest manifestation of life on this planet, is yet the only form of life that seems to lack Tranquility? How rare it is to find a single human being who lives serenely, remains tranquil at all times and preserves a calm attitude under all circumstance!

In fact, one has to admit. Confusion Disorder Agitation seem to he the normal living of this so-called Lord of Creation Man. Surely the Divine Intelligences that must he behind all creations, did not endow Man with a self-conscious mind and in return rob him of the blessings. vouchsafed all other created forms?

Now, here is one of the great benefits of silent contemplation, especially when surrounded by nothing but Serenity Tranquility Calmness, which of course means sitting somewhere by The Wayside. It is this: Answers just come to the most perplexing of questions. And so it was in this case. It is the great abuse of the Gift of Tongues that is responsible for man's isolation from the Tranquility enjoyed by all other living beings. It is the ceaseless chatter, the wagging tongues, and the discordant voices, as well as the disturbing mass of the written word, all beamed at creating Confusion, establishing Disorder and inculcating Agitation, that is responsible for the lack of Tranquility in our daily lives.

Remember, I said it was the abuse, I did not say the use, of the Gift of Tongues that is responsible. Words have been called "The winged messengers of thought." Then, many of these messengers, must have lost their wings, like the Dodo bird, which is also why they have died out. For, just listen at any time to the eternal clatter of conversation you hear around you, wherever you go, at any time, in the busy marts of Man, or in the salons of a social gathering, and try to find even a vestige of a thought behind the continuous flow of words, words, words.

Science tells us that all bodily growth occurs during the sleeping hours. Perhaps that is because the tongues are stilled in sleep and the many foot-pounds of energy wasted in idle chatter, that is so exhausting to the chatterer, as well as the chatteree, in sleep can go about their duly ordained task and rehabilitate the Godly Form we use. Any public speaker will tell you that an hour's address is as exhausting as several hours of physical labor. The former drains the nervous system, the latter wears down the muscles. Is it any wonder we have so many nervous people around us?

Then why the Gift of Tongues in the first place? Obviously, the answer is, as Man was given a Mind, it was intended as a means to express constructive thought alone. Man has preferred to use it, for the most part, to express Destructive Thought alone. Therefore CONFUSION reigns.

MORAL: Internal Tranquility at all times, is the pathway to Peace, and Understanding, and that's Contemplative Theosophy.

The Wayfarer. [Hubert S. Turner] [15]


Boris de Zirkoff

Students of Theosophy are grateful to our friend and veteran Theosophist, Dr. Charles J. Ryan, of Int. Hdqrs., for his recently published essay modestly entitled "Notes on the Place of Atlantis in World Evolution" (Theos. Univ. Series, No. 5, 1944). These are in reality more than just "Notes," as the pamphlet covers in its 25 pages important facts connected with submerged continents, and is, without question, the most valuable and authoritative outline of what is actually meant by "Atlantis" in Theosophical terminology, its place in the evolutionary history of the Earth, and the best-founded evidence for the support of this ancient tradition. Dr. Ryan's paper is invaluable for theosophical speakers when attempting to deal with this popular and captivating subject.

The author brings forward geographical, geological, biological and allied factors which cannot he explained without the former existence of the vast continental system of Atlantis. He reviews the teaching of the orderly succession of Cycles in Nature, giving hints of the probable inversion of the poles of the Earth, and its bearing upon the submergence and rise of continents. A bird's-eye-view of Rounds and Races follows with a suggested explanation why the "primitive" tribes possess highly complicated languages and a knowledge of occult forces and their usage.

Special attention is drawn to the vital distinction between the Theosophical teaching of the antiquity of Atlantis, and that of those anthropologists who accept the probability of vanished civilizations. This deserves the most careful attention of the reader. Atlantis should be regarded as a system of continental masses that covered various parts of the Earth and not as a mere island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. This is another very common error.

The fascinating subject of the actual age of Atlantis is carefully gone into, the reasons for the disintegration of its civilizations, and the waves of emigrations which left it for other, then rising, parts of the Globe. Dr. Ryan discusses the antiquity of civilizations in general; he points out the confusion and uncertainty existing about this among modern scientists; the magnificence of some of the remains of early cultures, followed here and there by what appears to be abject barbarism; very telling factors and evidences are brought together.

Dr. Ryan's essay should he highly recommended to all students, and those who, while not directly interested in Theosophy, love the study of antiquity and of the evolutionary history of the Earth. As far as our speakers are concerned and let it he stated without any unkind criticism in mind they cannot he pardoned any longer for confused, erratic or misleading statements on the subject of Atlantis, on the alibi that H.P. Blavatsky's teachings in The Secret Doctrine are very sketchy and seemingly contradictory. With Dr. Ryan's pamphlet at hand, and with supplementary study of available material, any speaker can deliver a lecture on Atlantis which will have scientific value and spiritual worth.

In our own fieldwork, we are constantly discovering people who have been for many years assiduous readers of Dr. Ryan's scientific and occult articles in Theosophical magazines, and who have even made collections of them. So we feel we voice the feeling of many students when expressing the hope that our good friend, Dr. C. J. Ryan, will continue to give us valuable material from his more than half-a-century of theosophical studies, through the medium of his experienced and inspired pen. [16]

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