A Living Philosophy For Humanity

Volume II
No. 3 (9) - September-October 1945

[Cover Photo: Gottfried de Purucker, Leader of the Theosophical Society, 1929 - 1942.]

"To bring peace to men, to give them hope, to give them light, to show them the way our of the intricate maze of material existence, to bring back to one's fellow-men the knowledge of their own essential divinity as a reality - is not that a sublime work?" - Golden Precepts of Esotericism, p. 168. [2]


A Living Philosophy For Humanity
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Boris de Zirkoff

There is a tide in the affairs of men ...

There is hidden and potent guidance in the seeming maze of human unfoldment, a golden thread of intelligent purpose, which runs unbroken through the rise and fall of the tides of civilization, the ebb and flow of man's creative Thought ...

History is but an endless succession of awakenings through which man passes from relative darkness into a relatively greater light, reaching out, often with frailty and indecision, sometimes with strength and conviction, towards ever widening horizons and ever receding vistas of potential achievement and Truth.

From bitter hatreds, selfish exploitation, and parochial molds, man-kind is slowly rising through the ages towards those universal, world-encompassing, soul-satisfying Ideals which sooner or later are destined with the inevitability of Karmic destiny, to bind the Human Race into global solidarity and lasting understanding.

We, who stand today aghast witnessing the surrounding devastation, hearing the human cry for help and surcease of sorrow, cannot be so blinded by the immediate horror of the day, as to lose those distant spiritual perspectives against the backdrop of which mankind is moving, through a world-wide revolution of thought towards the Mystic Portals of a nobler Era.

This is the moment in history when all constricting nationalisms, all mental and moral isolationisms, must vanish from the collective mind of the human race. Far above and beyond the mere political issues, which are but a temporary aspect of the workings of human consciousness, we must rid ourselves, as a race, of our inveterate lust for mental exploitation, for the moral oppression of those weaker than ourselves, and for the distortion of truth through cunning ways so insidiously suggested by our selfish minds bent upon personal power at all cost.

The conflict in the outer world will not cease until the worst of these tendencies have been relatively eradicated, for there is no room for them in a World which is One World, and among men who are all Brothers under the skin!

In the secret heart of all human life there is a Divine Urge which ever cries out for new and fuller realization. It is the Elan Vital of Bergson, the vital leap forward ... the hungering quest of the human heart for life, for life more abundant.

That passion for life is the yearning of every age and civilization. It demands expression, and its demand is imperious; it must he satisfied, come what may. Denied one form of expression, it seeks another. Thwarted along one line, it breaks out in another. History is but the manifestation of one or another form of this passion for life, behind which beats the Divine Urge of all Being . . .

And let us remember this: if this passion for life finds no suitable channel in the civilization of the time, or the religious and social order of the time - that civilization and social order will fail; do not doubt that! If worthy leadership is not forthcoming, sufficiently in touch with the broad masses of the people, and with the idealism of the best among them. The insatiable passion for life seeks satisfaction in outbursts of violence and brutality.

Only that civilization which can lead the passion for life onward and upward can establish its claim to the [4] future and to all the endless possibilities of that future.

In the present era, it is not enough to provide for the needs of any part of mankind, of any group of men, caste or class. Human life, if it is to be led to the heights of future achievements, must he led, guided, saved as a whole, not in fragments. The only civilization which can possibly endure is the civilization which embraces in its beneficent influence every child of the human race. To the extent to which any race or nation exhibits the festering sore of racial antagonism and animosity; to that extent it is doomed in the coming era and will have to yield its place in the Sun to another whose bonds of common humanhood and whose universal sympathies establish its claim to the future, in the era of Federated Humanity.

The world-wide conflict of the day is essentially a change of human consciousness, and the outward form which it assumes here and there around the world is but a feeble and inadequate manifestation of a great inner awakening of both mind and heart. Its very magnitude and depth are the primary reasons why it is attended by torturing pangs, and the breaking up of a mental and psychological prison-house wherein the soaring human consciousness can no longer find an adequate home.

From time to time there arise in history what might be termed Climacteric Cycles. They represent a convergence of many Karmic threads or lines of Karmic destiny. Such cycles are characterized by rapid and usually violent developments during which momentous changes take place within a short and crowded time. At such times, there is a breaking up of old molds, mental and physical. There is also the ushering in of new ideas.

We stand today at such a Climacteric point. As is usually the case, we have with us on the stage of history "Men of Destiny" who are in the last analysis but focal points for the distribution of delayed and accumulated Karman. Whether destructive or constructive, from our limited human point of view, these men are an inseparable part of the workings of Cosmic Law, which is also Cosmic Justice. Let it be clearly understood that behind the seeming confusion in the outer world there is intelligent and planned guidance, out of which, in due revolution of seasons, there will arise the faint delineation of a new Continent of Thought.

Civilizations come and go. Every civilization has its life-span and its definite mission to perform. And often the new type of civilization germinates and matures within the devastating downfall of the former one.

What is Civilization?

Sorely it is not the complex of devices, mechanisms and instrumentalities by means of which we live. It is not the gadgets produced by the inventive genius of man's mind. These are no more than means to an end, often obscure and uncertain.

Civilization is primarily the realm of spiritual and moral ends, of creative factors as expressed in art, literature, ethics, religion, philosophy, in educational and cultural pursuits, in the structure of the social order. It is the realm of the spiritual goals for which the live.

Civilization is not made up of things. It is made up of values, of ideas. It is not what we use; it is rather what we are.

Appraised in this light, the departing order to a large extent stands self-condemned. Its outdated molds of thought cannot house any longer the expanding consciousness of a new type of humanity. [5] Today, in the very thick of the turmoil, behind the gory headlines, far and above the lethal clouds of human torture and often despair, sometimes in the very midst of the hell-fires of human hatred, there is dawning a grand realization which only wilfully blind men will not see.

It is the stirring realization all over the world that nations collectively, and men and women individually, cannot live unto themselves alone, but must of necessity live as members of one human family.

Above the beating drums of clashing hordes, above the roar of battle, and the hideous clank of mechanized murder, which silly slogans have elevated to principles of conduct ... we hear an overtone, the leit-motif of an approaching symphony, whose key-note is Global Consciousness; the dawning recognition that the only way out of the prevailing horror is to think, and to feel, and to act, and to build on universal foundations, with a world-wide scope, one for all, and all for one.

Through storm and struggle, through the clash of divergent currents of thought, through the pangs of birth and the growing pains of all things that change and unfold, there is being born the World of Tomorrow. If the spiritual and moral ideas now seeking manifestation find imbodiment in this new world; a new civilization will have its sway; a civilization based upon the supreme spiritual, intellectual and ethical worth of the Individual, as an integral and vital part of the collective Whole - humanity.

In this World of Tomorrow a more genuine realization of human solidarity on the global scale will have become a living reality. Universality of ideas, world-wide integration of mankind, vision, the search for the Greater Life, care for the under-privileged and the oppressed, the exploited and the less fortunate, idealism backed by stark objectivity, the enthronement of justice, the fostering of peaceful and constructive ideas, - these are the very essence of the Theosophical Movement. Mark, therefore, the surge forward of the Theosophical Movement in the world!

The creative leadership of the rising civilization belongs to the Youth of today. In it is the promise of the immediate future. In its ranks are the men and women whose constructive, universal, integrating ideas will cement the solidarity of the human race on lines of practical brotherhood and genuine fellow-feeling, and through the achievements of physical science when applied to purposes of peace and good-will.

The task of the rising Youth is heavy. Its responsibility is great. We may well ask ourselves: Does it fully realize it?

It lies in its power to put an end to the selfish exploitation of man by man; to extirpate through powerful and just reforms the roots of social degradation, of abject poverty, and of hideous crime fed and upheld by class struggle and the power of wealth; to lift the masses all over the world to standards of education and of livelihood that will give them the necessary leisure to indulge in and enjoy the artistic, spiritual and noble intellectual pursuits of a fuller life. It is up to them to sweep out the last vestiges of a moribund materialism which brought us to the present chaos; to free men's minds from the soporifics of organized sectarianism, whether religious or scientific, and the soul-stupefying regimentation bred by a commercial and utilitarian outlook on life. The ethical dignity of Man must be restored!

For the solution of these problems, individually as well as racially, the Youth of today can draw upon the spiritual wealth of the teachings [6] of the Ancient Wisdom, in an era diagnosed by Wm. Q. Judge as being the era of Western Occultism. The marvelous advances of scientific research and theory have brought modern science to the point where the chief postulates of occult thought can be shown as being scientifically sound, and in harmony with the rising scientific conception of nature. This is an enormous asset, one denied to former generations.

The essential Oneness of all that lives, the inescapable causality underlying all manifestations of Nature and the operation of all cosmic laws. The existence of super-sensuous worlds outside of our conception of space and time, the reality of the unexplored powers of the human mind. The existence of spiritual agencies behind the processes of evolution, the illusory nature of the material universe, the fundamental unity of energy and matter, the electromagnetic nature of all phenomena of life, - these and others are today scientifically demonstrable postulates of ancient occultism, upheld by the greatest living scientists, though expressed in their own terminology.

It becomes therefore self-evident why the Youth of today should become familiar, at least in broad outline, with the unifying philosophy of the Ancient Wisdom, and with the ethical precepts of the modern Theosophical Movement. The latter, its human frailties and obvious mistakes notwithstanding, remains in this era the most serious movement of the age; and no forward-looking man or woman determined on building a nobler civilization for the many can afford to remain ignorant of its basic purposes and ideas.

It is of grave importance to remember that Theosophy is primarily an ethical doctrine, a code of conduct, a way of living. It is not solely an intellectual philosophy. Therefore its teachings contain al their very heart practical precepts and patterns of behavior which, if applied to the solution of our harassing social problems, can resolve them into harmony. And it is precisely with these social problems that the mind of the present-day Youth is so greatly concerned.

Theosophy is a philosophy of hope; it recognizes no outer obstacle in the way of human progress and growth than our own self-made ignorance and innate inertia to change; these can and must he overcome by the application of the latent divine potentialities of every human being.

Theosophy is also a philosophy of optimism. Its outlook on life, with its emphasis on the free will of man, fashioning his destiny according to the nature of his ideals, is one of deep and abiding optimism - not that fatuous optimism that proclaims that everything is good and all is well with the world, but the kind which sees in the indomitable spirit of man a determination to right all wrongs and injustices, an optimism that settles, as the moving force behind all evolution, whether cosmic, social or individual, an irresistible power moving for good in the vast drama of human life.


The best way, in fact, I believe the only proper way by which a Section can grow to be self-confident, self-reliant, aggressively active in Theosophic dissemination, is by inculcating at every turn the feeling that the members in any Section must carry their own work and depend upon themselves - always united of course in unbreakable bonds of unity with the T.S. as a whole. In other words, the members of a Section must learn to shoulder responsibility and act upon it. I believe growth will come from this, and I mean the solid and enduring growth so often symbolized by the oak, and I have never favored the mere mushroom growth which may be spectacular and rapid, but withstands no storms and endures no length of time. - From a Letter of G. de Purucker to the American Section; President, April, 1941; reprinted from Section Bulletin No. 11. [7]


Robert F. Kerr

The doctrine of Cycles is a most interesting study to the mathematician, but to the uninitiated the seemingly unrelated numbers which we run across are a maze of miscellaneous values which refuse sometimes even to be "round" numbers. Why should, for instance, tile Messianic Cycle he 2160 years and not an even 2000 or 2500 or, for that matter, why should it not be some other odd number like 2159? Why just 2160?

The Messianic Cycle of 2160 years, the Platonic year of 25,920 years, the Yuga-periods of 432,000, 864,000, 1,296,000, 1,728,000, our year of (about) 360 days give us a series of numbers which do not, at first glance, seem to answer any set law. We would prefer, perhaps, that the "important" numbers should be 2500, 10,000, 100, and so on; but when we come to examine the cyclic numbers, we find what is perhaps a clue to their being what they are - not just one more, or five less, or multiples of ten, etc. After we have examined them we might even formulate a theory to show why these numbers are important in the Ancient Wisdom.

Now, if the number 360 is broken down into its smallest parts we find it is made up of two multiplied by itself three times, times three multiplied by itself twice, times five. Or, mathematically speaking, 360 equals 2(3) x 3(2) x 5. [Number in brackets here is the superscript of "powers of" - Dig. Ed.] Similarly, the other numbers mentioned may be broken down as follows:

2,160 equals 2(4) x 3(3) x 5
25,920 equals 2(6) x 3(4) x 5
432,000 equals 2(7) x 3(3) x 5(3)
864,000 equals 2(8) x 3(3) x 5(3)
1,296,000 equals 2(7) x 3(4) x 5(3)
1,728,000 equals 2(9) x 3(3) x 5(3)

What have we discovered? That there is, at any rate, a definite connection between the so-called "cyclic" numbers. Try this with any number appearing in your studies of the law of cycles and you will, almost without exception, find it to be a multiple of one or more of the three lowest indivisible numbers, 2, 3, and 5.

We have discovered something about the numbers, but what conclusions can we draw therefrom?

Let us turn to a little elementary arithmetic. We think of the number 10 as a very easy figure to handle - possibly because we have ten fingers to check ourselves by, and also because to multiply by 10 we add an "0". But the number 12 is a much more useful one, for the simple reason that it can be divided into so many different parts. 12 can he divided by 2, 3, 4, and 6, whereas 10 can only be divided by 2 and 5. It is for this reason that a circle is divided into 360 and a "round" figure of 350 or 400. 360 may he divided no less than twenty-two different ways, whereas a larger figure like 400 has only fourteen divisors. It was a wise thing to measure time by dividing the day into 24 equal parts and the hour into 60 minutes since these two numbers also have a high number of divisors, or, in other words, they may be divided into a great number of different equal parts.

Similarly, the number 720 has as great a number of divisors as any number up to 1000 and even considerably above it. We would naturally expect to find the same thing to apply to three times 720 or 2,160 - the Messianic cycle-number, also to six times 720 (or twice 2,160) which is 4,320 and so through all the cyclic numbers - and, indeed, this divisibility is the property which distinguishes them. [8]

You will find the numbers 4, 3, 2 recurring many times in the cycles. 432, you will note, is the same as three gross, or three times twelve times twelve which brings its back to that most useful of numbers - 12, which has the highest number of divisors for its size of any in the book.

Now let its consider what cycles really are. They are the vibration, the turning and returning, the periodic recurrence which H.P. Blavatsky tells us is "one of the absolutely fundamental laws of the Universe." Cyclic periods are those at which certain influences gain in power, many conditions become favorable and the elements of smaller cycles now begin to appear together in the turning of a greater cycle.

If we are to assume that cycles are not chance-chosen periods, we must also assume that we are always and in every phase of our lives and on every plane of our being, subject to circles of every possible periodicity or frequency. How then, does such a seeming "jumble" of cycles ever "unscramble" itself and make itself felt in the larger and still larger turnings?

If we are subject to cycles of every possible frequency, then a cycle will be ending, "something" will be happening, and an influence will be felt, every second; another every two seconds; another every three seconds; one every year, another every two years, another every three years and so on, according to which measure of time we happen to choose.

Let us forget actual periods of time and say that there are some cycles that are one unit long, others two units, others three units, etc., so that we have an unlimited series of cycles running concurrently, but of every possible frequency.

We might demonstrate this in a practical way by taking a yardstick (see drawing) and looping on to it a tape or thread, attaching it first on the end and then at every inch mark, so that it hangs down like a Christmas paper-chain draped on a wall. Another thread is then attached at every two inches, and another at every three inches, and so on until one final loop hangs down the full length of 36 inches. In each hanging loop we see a cycle and the point where it is attached is the culmination of a period when the influence of that particular cycle is again felt. [9]

[drawing here]
A graphic example of how Cycles, represented by loops in a yard-stick, converge most strongly on numbers with the highest number of divisors, such as 12, 24 and 36, and would do likewise on cycle-numbers: 2160, 25,920, etc.

As we look along the yard-stick we see that at the six-inch mark there are four cycles exerting their influence - the one-unit cycle, the two-unit cycle, the three-unit cycle and the six-unit cycle. On the other hand the next mark to it - the seven-inch mark - has only the one-unit cycle and the seven-unit cycle ending there. The twelve-inch mark seems to be festooned with loops, or cycles, all culminating at that one point. At the other end of the yard-stick the 31" mark has but two loops while the 36" mark has nine cycles ending there.

If we had a long enough measuring stick divided into some 2500 equal parts, we would find that our loops would concentrate themselves most strongly at the 2160 mark. Not 2500, or 2159, but 2160 - the Messianic Cycle period!

Now of course the number of loops on our measuring stick, at any particular point, is the same as the number of divisors of that number (including one and the number itself).

And so we see that the cyclic numbers seem to owe their importance to the number of their divisors, and that certain larger cycles are a gathering together of the influences of smaller cycles. Given a long enough period of time and an unlimited variety of frequencies, the smaller cycles or vibrations will gradually synchronize themselves into the larger cycles, with the combined influences of all of them making themselves felt at the one time.

We would be interested to know whether our readers feel this to be a reasonable deduction. It has helped us to understand that cycles are not random-chosen periods but are made up of smaller, more easily conceivable time-elements.

Thus we begin to see that order comes out of seeming chaos and that Universal Law and not chance exerts itself on every hand.


G. de Purucker

(The following excerpts are taken from personal letters written in 1935 by our late Teacher to the undersigned, and verbal messages transcribed from stenographic notes. - B. de Zirkoff.)

... Cycles come and go, and precisely because of this periodicity, there are cycles, at least what we term cycles. The cause of this periodicity in Nature is the existence of what might be called thought-habits arising out of thought-deposits, with which men and gods are involved. The Laws of Nature, so-called, are similarly to be explained, and are likewise of a cyclical character. The reason for the latter is the same, but the sweep and time-periods of Nature's Laws are enormous when envisaged by us, little men. Reincarnation is an example of the human cycle essentially brought about by thought-habits and thought-deposits, with affiliate energies, attractions and repulsions, to wit, Empedocles' 'hate' and 'love.'

No man need be subjected to enslaving or enslavement by any cycle, if he set his will and spiritual thought on higher things, for thus he rises above the thought-deposits, etc. Then he controls the cycles manifesting in human existence, and working automatically as it were. The Masters and high chelas do this and are to a great extent `superior' or relatively in command of cyclical periods, and not their slaves, as ordinary, unenlightened and passional men are.

Psychology is involved in this, individual and mob psychology. Just as civilizations rise and fall cyclically, and evolution proceeds similarly, as [10] evidenced by the teaching regarding root-races and their various sub-races, so do smaller cyclical events in human history sweep multitudes into temporary deliriums, leaving wise ones untouched. War, peace, civilization, barbarism, are therefore all cyclical - also great outbreaks of pandemic diseases, etc.

The way to inaugurate a new cycle is to broadcast grand ideas, giving birth to grand ideals; if these catch on, nobler cycles come into being, and the evil ones die out, because the multitudes react, refuse to be enslaved, no longer follow. Thus wars, psychological outbreaks of mob insanity, can be checked, cured. It is the principle well known by true astrologers, who are first and foremost trained theosophists, or at least ought to be; and it can be expressed in the well known words: the stars impel, They do not compel!

Thus we see how even inveterate, age-old cycles, though always dangerous and compelling to the weak, can be surmounted, worked against, and in time brought to a stop. One of the foremost teachings in this respect is that man has free will, reacting against environment, to wit, cyclical conditions, arid having power to surmount them. Thus Fatalism is not taught in Theosophy, but Karman is.

Finally, if war cycles should begin to flow upon us - if there are enough men and women to use their higher thought, superior to that of the cycles, and to employ their will for righteousness and brotherhood - such cycles should not touch them, and, although arousing unrest because of the multitudes, and bringing about horrors here and there, - the greater, bigger and nobler human beings lead on and guide human destinies, leaving the tidal wave to flow by, and spend its force.


... You are asking what may seem to you to be a very simple question, but you yourself will see, after a moment's reflection, that it is an extremely involved one ... The general rule is - and it is a wonderful key - that the small repeats the great, that the little yugas not only are included in the greater yugas, but repeat them on their own little scales. Example: The present Fifth Root-Race, considered as a whole, and including all its minor sub-races, whether great or small, is now in its Kali-Yuga, which began something over five thousand years ago, at the death of Krishna, and will last into the future for about 427,000 years. Keep in mind that this is the Kali-yuga of the entire Root-Race, the great Kali-Yuga.

Now, then, all the minor cycles or yugas of this Fifth Root-Race will, some of them, be rising, and some of them be falling, and inter-working with each other, and yet will all be subject to the great Kali-Yuga of this Root Race, which has just begun. Thus, a minor yuga or race may be in its youth, and rising to its flowering, but yet, because it is included in the great descending Kali-Yuga, will, although having a sharp rise, be nevertheless subject to the general decline of the great Kali-Yuga.

Next, every minor cycle, great or small, included in the Root-Race, in its turn is septenary, and therefore has its own little kali-yuga, and in numerical relations is about the same. Just as the great Kali-Yuga is 432 thousand years long, so a little kali-yuga may be perhaps only 432 years long, or possibly 4,320, or possibly even 43,200. The Hindu or Aryan Race, which was one of the very first sub-races of our own Fifth Race, is now in its own racial kali-yuga, in addition to belonging to the Fifth Root-Race, and there-ore of course belonging to the great Kali-Yuga of the Root-Race. But it is striving to rise into flowering again, and will do so in the future. [11]


Richard H. Cutting

The orgy of human slaughter is about to end in a climax of monstrous destruction. Harnessed by the cunning devices of modern Science, another occult potency of Nature is enslaved by man and dragged down to perform staggering acts of iniquity.

Even at this early hour, but a few days after the disclosure of the new weapon of "civilized warfare," anxious voices are being heard from the ranks of outraged humanity. To these we add our own.

It is an unconditional and emphatic condemnation of wanton violence, unbridled cruelty, promiscuous destruction; of its inhuman methods, shady objectives, and infernal by hypocrisy, on whatever side of the hypothetical "fence" it may he perpetrated.

We stand appalled before the spectacle of Science betraying its humanitarian mission to prostitute its inventive genius to purposes of devastation. We are shocked at the sight of prevailing conditions which force top-men on the rostrum of scientific and "educational" institutions to perfect murderous gadgets with which to victimize fellow human beings in our vaunted civilization. We wonder how long the conscience of these then will remain quiescent! The Karmic Law never sleeps!

The works of H.P. Blavatsky teem with warnings to those who in her and future times would allow their selfish greed and lust for power to divert Nature's forces to low and degrading ends. Every student of the Ancient Wisdom should consult now her amazing chapter on "The Coming Force," in The Secret Doctrine, Vol. I, pp. 554-566, wherein is out-lined the discovery by John Worrell Keely of Philadelphia of what he called the "etheric" force. Space prevents us from quoting here more than a few brief passages.

"... Had Keely been permitted to succeed, he might have reduced a whole army to atoms in the space of a few seconds as easily as he reduced a dead ox to the same condition ....

"If the question is asked why Mr. Keely was not allowed to pass a certain limit, the answer is easy; because that which he has unconsciously discovered, is the terrible sidereal Force, known to, and named by the Atlanteans MASH-MAK, and by the Aryan Rishis in their Ashtar Vidya by a name that we do not like to give. It is the vril of Bulwer Lytton's 'Coming Race,' and of the coming races of our mankind. The name vril may be a fiction: the Force itself is a fact doubted as little in India as the existence itself of their Rishis, since it is mentioned in all the secret works.

"It is this vibratory Force, which, when aimed at an army from an Agni Rath fixed on a flying vessel, a balloon, according to the instructions found in Ashtar Vidya, reduced to ashes 100,000 men and elephants, as easily as it would a dead rat. It is allegorized in the Vishnu Purana, in the Ramayana and other works, in the fable about the sage Kapila whose glance made a mountain of ashes of King Sagara's 60,000 sons, and which is explained in the esoteric works, and referred to as the Kapilaksha - 'Kapila's Eye.'

"And is it this ... destructive agency, which, once in the hands of some modern Attila, ....would reduce Europe in a few days to its primitive chaotic state with no man left alive to tell the tale - is this force to become the common property of all men alike?

"... The discovery in its completeness is by several thousand - or shall we say hundred thousand? - years too premature. It will be at its appointed place and time only when the great roaring flood of starvation, misery, and underpaid labor ebbs back again - as it will when happily, at last the just demands of the many are attended to: when the proletariat exists but in name, and the pitiful cry for bread, that rings throughout the world unheeded, has died away. This may be hastened by the spread of learning, and by new openings for work and emigration, with better prospects than exist now, and on some new continent that may appear. Then only will [12] 'Keely's Motor and Force,' as originally contemplated by himself and friends, be in demand, because it will be more needed by the poor than by the wealthy."

It is of great interest to find Karl H. von Wiegand, Dean of American Foreign Correspondents, writing in the Los Angeles Examiner of August 9, 1945

"... American and British super-scientists may be playing today with the possible destruction of mankind - and that of parts of the earth, or even the entire planet.

"That is the first appalling impression and uneasy feeling created by the sensational official announcement ... that nature's great secret of atomic disintegration has been discovered and that an 'atomic bomb' has been perfected.

"It recalls vividly Atlantis the 'Lost Continent' of the ancients, mentioned by Plato, the Greek philosopher; Herodotus, the great historian, and other ancient writers ...

"According to the ancient legends of the priesthood, the scientists of that age discovered a secret of nature which might have been that of atomic disintegration and arrogantly used that colossal power for selfish and evil purposes.

"The power got out of hand, turned on them, and sank the continent of Atlantis beneath the waters of the Atlantic in what is believed to have been the greatest earthquake since the advent of man on the planet ...

"Possession of such forces of destruction ... could, in the hands of evil or even selfish political powers, completely master and dominate the world and enslave all peoples.

"It would be Utopian indeed to believe that such unlimited power will always remain in 'Good' hands and be directed and exercised only by 'Good' hands ...

"Is the last of the Four horsemen of the Apocalypse about to ride upon this earth?

"Whether one believes or disbelieves in these prophecies of the eventual destructive consequences of persistent evil and injustice and abuse of power on this earth, the discovery of the secret of such forces of nature as have to do with the very existence of this planet and which are dedicated to destruction, is not tranquilizing to the mind that thinks and reflects. It gives us no assurance of peace in the future."

The intra-atomic energies tapped by "modern Atlanteans" are not exactly those spoken of by H.P. Blavatsky - fortunately so; yet they are one of their lower correlations on an inferior sub-plane. From various factors involved, we venture to say that the so-called "atomic" forces released at present are those of the fifth sub-plane of this our physical sub-stance. When we remember that they are used by men of the Fifth Root-Race, heavily weighed down with Atlantean or Fourth Root-Race Karman, the implications and dangers of the situation should be self-evident to intuitive students of the occult.

Spiritually-minded men like Keely himself would be dealing with high-potency akashic forces, and fortunately enough would be utterly unable (in the present age) to teach others how to do so. Hence their secret dies with them. But our scientific wizards, of materialistic bent and of most doubtful ethical standards, responsible for ultra-scientific developments, would have access but to the lower modifications of astral energies, material enough to he caught in by gadgets, and to produce chemical reactions, and electronic phenomena. These lower correlations are not operated by direct psycho-mental forces projected by the will of the operator, but depend upon physio-chemical processes - hence ultimately upon certain mechanical devices.

We are deeply convinced that the present age sees the birth of a New Era, and that sign-posts of spiritual re-awakening abound everywhere. But it would be wilful blindness to deny the existence of potent elements of extreme danger, which, if disregarded or ignored, might well bring about the complete ruin of the race. It is, therefore, of imperative necessity to restore the supremacy of Ethical Values in a world gone mad with the lust of destruction, insane with the delirium of power and greed. The time is here and now when the irresponsible course of applied Science should be curbed and channeled to purposes of service by the collective will of an outraged humanity. [13]


Mary Ellen Walters

The word tolerance in relationship to what I have to say is in itself misleading because it denotes the action or capacity for enduring something, whereas a word with more of a connotation of kindliness and understanding is much to be preferred. However, if there is such a word it escapes the for the moment, so we will have to accept tolerance as an unsatisfactory substitute.

Each separate entity in its blind search for truth, leads itself into dark, tangled mazes wherein it becomes hopelessly confused and must retrace its footsteps time and time again, or from which it emerges triumphantly guided by its own inner light and prepared to enter into the next labyrinth with increased clarity of vision. Bear in mind, however, that no two entities ever become involved in identical mazes or ever emerge by the same route. Therefore it is the privilege of no man either to condemn or to condone, because no man is so without error as to be able rightfully to declare himself a judge. To be possessed of a knowledge so great as to justify a judgment would necessarily entail an understanding so deep as to make a judgment impossible.

Neither you nor I is wise enough or great enough to criticize the divine creations of the divine power. What we unconsciously try to do, is to reassure our personal vanity with a smug assumption that we certainly would not perform in the manner of the person in the defendant's chair. How do we know what we would do if we were someone else, when actually we are as yet acquainted with only the more apparent factors in our own natures, at the same time being dimly aware that other factors are in constant operation to form the complete equation.

There are times when we all lose our perspective on life; a painful experience but an educational one, because by so doing we learn that there is more than one perspective, each useful in its own way.

Everyone is entitled to his own protective coloration, which we call personality, until such time as he gains confidence through self-knowledge so that he no longer feels the defensive urge to protect his carefully guarded ego against imagined hurts. When such self-knowledge is attained, he is then free to let himself be known to others without fear and without embarrassment. Until such time we must accept him as he presents himself: a combination of Karmic agent and Karmic result. And to pass judgment on his actions, reactions or personal affectations is about as reasonable as to say, "John should not drink lemonade because lemonade gives me a stomach ache."

The seed of a pine tree contains within itself potentialities for producing a certain pine tree. Not an oak or an elm, or even another pine. If that seed is planted and grows, you may not find so much to admire in its size, shape or color as in another tree of the same species whose growth has been influenced by a slightly different type of soil or different quantity of water. Yet to the eyes of a bird the first pine tree may present far more desirable qualities than any other pine. You and the bird are judging the identical tree from two entirely unrelated sets of standards. Does that make the bird wrong?

To quote Philip Wylie, "Truth exists in each man in forms of relativity and changes in each man with his changing perceptions." [14]


(Reprinted from the lmmanuel Church Messenger of Los Angeles, California, May 18, 1945.)

A few weeks ago I had something to say about "'The Man of the Future," and in response I received a clipping expressing similar thoughts by Dr. Joseph Fort Newton of Philadelphia. His title is "'The Next Man," and his brief sermonette makes four points as follows:

"First, a savage is a man who lives on others. He preys rather than prays - obeying the basic law whereby life feeds on life, on the earth, in the sea, or in the sky.

"Second, a barbarian is a man who lives whether anyone else lives or not. He looks after number one, regardless of what may happen to others. If they fall by the wayside, it is not his affair.

"Third, a civilized man is one who has learned to live, and let live. He is tolerant - he has feeling for others - life is not just a selfish, ruthless scramble.

"Fourth, the world waits, looks, and longs for another type of man - taller of soul, more wise and tender of heart - the man who lives and helps live. He is our next man.

"The world is full of the sounds of insult, shame and wrong, and trumpets blown for war. We have charlatans, dictators, and demagogues - we want another kind of man.

"What the world needs is not more dexterity, but more devotion - not more leisure. but more peace - not more wealth, but more well being.

"Bandits we have aplenty - men who rob and ruin. Now we want builders who will repair the wreck. We want 'great-hearts' who will patrol the roads and make them safe for all.

"These are the gifts and graces of the spiritual man, who has insight, courage, compassion, and understanding. These are qualities of the soul, and without them we lose our way." -Paul Talbot (United Business Service.)


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"Peace Returns to World," states the headline in the metropolitan daily. Carefully scanning the article thereunder, nothing can be found to support the headline statement. All that is there, is that a few of the Great Nations of the World have stooped fighting.

In these few words is epitomized the viewpoint of the Urban Dwellers. To them, the absence of one thing must inherently bring about its opposite. No more fighting, then much more Peace. The concept is just as artificial and unnatural as the buildings, streets and life of the cities themselves.

Showing the screaming headline to a denizen of the rural areas, his scoffing response was "How can it RETURN when it never left, in the first place?" Here we have the two divergent points of view, both influenced by the respective environments. In the case of the rural dweller, his idea is natural and is based on his simple environment.

In the case of the city man, all his life is a FIGHT. He fights for employment; he fights his way upward in his firm; he fights his way into the public conveyance that takes him to work, and he fights again in order to get out of the same conveyance. Recently he has added another fight to the many others; the fight to find a place in which to live. Born, bred and trying to thrive on a continuous series of fights, the concept of Peace cannot be other than a state in which no FIGHTING has to be done.

In the case of the country man, the matter is quite different. He has many a fight on his hands also. However, they are against the insect kingdom, against weather, against depleted soil, against the natural forces that surround and sometimes dominate him. His fights are not against his own kind, as are those of the city dweller. On this account he knows that re...(?) among men is always present - NATURALLY. He also knows that PEACE among men is only absent - UNNATURALLY.

Such thoughts as these are difficult hold or express, unless one follows that Oriental axiom of "Internal Tranquility at All Times." However, they can be understood, even by city dwellers, when they retire to the inner recesses of their Beings. It will be easier for them to have such ideas when they leave their man-made Temples and rest in Natures Temples on mountain tops, in the depths of forests, or by the sides of babbling brooks. That is just why city-dweller, at every opportunity, flee to the countryside. While they claim to love their congested communities, they are always willing to leave them at the slightest pretext. It is man's innate sense of being at PEACE only when he strolls by the Waysides of Life.

When we leave the marts of men, then we realize that signed agreements among nations, international Police Forces, and Atomic Bombs, do not represent the Road to Peace. Then comes the realization that the Road to Peace is a broad and well marked highway. It runs straight to its destination. The name of the highway is NATURALNESS. The only vehicles that can pass over this road are labeled CO-OPERATION. The only competent chauffeurs for the vehicles are those who call themselves BROTHERS. It is all very simple to a Wayfarer. It is all terribly complicated for the city dweller, because there is no traffic to FIGHT on this highway.

MORAL: - Lets stop talking about ATTAINING Peace and accentuate, instead, the CONSERVING of it.

And that's Peace Theosophy.

- The Wayfarer. [Hubert S. Turner] [16]


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