A Living Philosophy For Humanity

Volume II
No. 6. (12) - March-April 1946

[Cover photo: William Quan Judge Co-founder of the Theosophical Society and its second Leader- b. April 13, 1851 - d. March 21, 1896.]


A Living Philosophy For Humanity
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The truest happiness is to be found in the deep interior study of the great mysteries of nature and life, seeking thus to find the best manner in which the soul may express itself, and in a constant fulfilment of this manner when found. If they can be taught to see and feel this and the true meaning of it, the work is done. Labor, therefore, faithfully to accomplish this in yourself, for we can teach others only what we ourselves know, and this knowledge is one with experience. The divine light burns for all; take your part of it and illuminating first your own heart, the power will then be yours to illumine others. Remember, words are not needed.

In the silence things are done.

Those in whose midst you may live, quiet and unknown, will have the radiance cast upon them merely by your presence. It is not what you say and do, but what you are that tells, and that which will leave its ineffaceable mark upon each character you meet as upon all time. The Soul desires to express itself in its reflection, your life. So live that it may do so. So think and act that you may become a channel for higher things to descend to lower planes.


Meditate on things you want to know ... Seek all knowledge within yourself, do not go without. You understand what is meant by this; not that books should be neglected but that information obtained from them should be drawn within, sifted, tested there. Study all things in this light and the most physical will at the same time lead to the most spiritual knowledge.


Sorrows, crosses, these are our opportunities, could we but see it so. But he is far along who does so see it. He has attained who fully realizes it.


The Lodge force working in a pure devoted heart sets free the soul and lets it speak. The eternal verities resound forever upon the spiritual values and when the mind is pure and will hearken, the soul echoes them.


What of the darkness! What of the light! They are one to those who see. How plain these matters are in higher moments, how drearily obscure at other times. This will show you the value of higher moments perhaps, and what those always living in them enjoy.

Be what you love. Strive after what you find beautiful and high and let the rest go.


Can you not live so as to feel the great throbbing heart around you, so as to express that feeling in even the smallest detail? Let there be nothing cold or cynical in your view of life. Sense the pathos and the pity of it, trusting that some day to your now darkened eyes the mystery and the pain will be untangled. Feel, feel, with everything that cries, with everything that suffers, and in the most broken fragment of a life find some beauty. Let your own quivering heartstrings teach you the anguish in other hearts and live to ease it. Pain is our best teacher. Do not dread nor flee her therefore, she comes in mercy.

Go forth to meet her, trembling, perhaps, but reverently, patiently, un-flinching; only so can the lesson be learned, and, from the dark hours spent with her, a light shall arise, showing the way to stumbling feet, giving the [4] power to comfort and console. And in the peace of that, your heart shall understand and be satisfied.


Harmony, sacrifice, devotion, take these for key-notes, express them everywhere and in the highest possible way. The beauty of a life like that, the power of it, who can measure or set bounds to.

Those who know and love you can always see it, and it may also be shining in some other heart which as yet has no light of its own.

The Lodge waits and watches ever, ever works - think you not we have patience? - and those who serve us must do the same.

You are right, no detail is overlooked. Life is made up of details, each a step in the ladder, therefore who shall dare say they are small. We are closer than you know, and love and thought brings us still nearer.

Kill out doubt which rises within; that is not yourself, you know.

The doubt is a maya, cast it aside. Listen not to its voice which whispers low working on your lack of self-confidence.

Therefore I say, have neither vanity nor self-depreciation. If you are the higher Self, you are all that is great, but since your daily consciousness is far, far below, look at the matter impartially and frankly. Vex yourself not with contradictions. You know that you must stand alone; stand therefore.


If you have patience and devotion you will understand these things, especially if you think much of Them and meditate on them, for you have no conception of the power of meditation.


Beware of anger, beware of vanity, beware, too, of self-depreciation; These are all lions in your path. Live each day, and each moment in the day, by the light within, fixing your gaze upon it with faith and love. When the hours of darkness come and you see it not, wait in patience and contentment, knowing it still burns and that when morning dawns, if your watch has been constant, you will see it burning, perchance more brightly than before. "The darkest hour is before the dawn;" grieve not, therefore, nor feel one moment's disquietude.

Your lamp is lit, tend it faithfully, it matters not that the outer eyes do not behold it. Keep yourself high and strengthen your faith. By your own supreme act of faith you must claim and hold these things.


Closer insight gives heavier responsibility - do not forget that - and a responsibility which affects others more than it does yourself.

See to it, then, that the outer does not obscure the inner, for your lamp must be carried aloft for others to see, or not seeing it, to continually feel.

Do not confuse the outer with the inner, therefore, though the outer be full and rich, remember it is so because of the inner shining through, and look ever back to that which shines. No sorrow, no disappointment lie there, but a fullness of realization of which you have no conception and a power and strength which shall lift you above these confusions to a sure place of your own. You have been too harsh with your lower nature, that leads to dangerous reactions. Quiet, steady effort is far better, casting aside all thoughts of results.

Treat your mind as a child, lead it firmly but gently and in all ways and at all times strengthen your faith. [5]


Through these tears of blood you will learn; through this suffering you will gain the power to aid your fellows. What to you is the approbation and disapprobation of anyone? Work and wait on, and all will be well.


How much misinterpretation and misunderstanding there is regarding these things, and by the most enthusiastic, the most devoted souls, whose emotional intensity, driving them along, blinds them utterly, and in the full chase of new experience they see not that they are following only their own desires, and again losing the substance for the shadow. It is discouraging, and yet the forces thus generated can be used for higher ends, and the good intention of the deluded one counts for him. But remember, O disciple, that in the silence these things are performed and recognized and in the silence alone.

Few indeed understand how deep that silence must be, few save those who have at some time known the peace of it. All excitement is psychic; and though these whirlwinds of force descend, you must learn to hold yourself still in their midst, feeling neither attraction nor repulsion, else chains are forged to draw you to them. There are some who need this lesson badly, all more or less.


The great force acts dually and you must stand still, not passive or inactive but unswayed. You must learn to take psychic emotions in hand as well as physical.

Hold your purpose and your ideals clearly and steadily before you.

Desiring truth, you shall surely have it, intending righteousness you shall surely so perform, though all things seem to conspire against you. In times of confusion and difficulty rest upon that and you may then unshaken see no agreement, no light ahead.


I measure the height, not merely the depth of a soul by its stillness.


Mary Ellen Walters

The Soul of Man arose at dawn and gazed tenderly upon the gentle contours of his beloved, Earth. "Sleep sweetly, thou delightful, sensuous bride. Wait in thy abandoned slumber for none else but me and dream of no other countenance but mine. This day I go in search of that which will quench the thirst and satisfy the hunger of both thee and me, for we are one." And so saying he caressed her and went softly from the fragrance of her presence, casting but one lingering look backward over his shoulder. Then facing to the East he set his feet upon the pathway to the rising sun, and warmed by its rays, he cast aside his raiment, walking naked and unashamed where all might see.


And that night he slept beside a still pond at the edge of a forest, and waking with the first light of the new day he perceived lettered at its edge, "Thou seekest the beginning and the end and all that they enfold, and thou canst find them at thy feet within this pool. Look well, oh Soul of Man, that thou mayst know the answer." And he looked deep into the clear waters and seeing only himself, sighed and resumed his journey. [6]


And on the second day his way led through the forest, which was desire, where he wandered as one lost until he came upon a bird of Paradise preening its brilliant plumage, and the bird spoke to him saying, "Whither goest thou, oh Soul of Man?" And he replied, "I am a seeker after the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge, whereby I shall know myself, and so knowing shall know all things." And the bird yearned toward him beseeching, "Linger yet a wile with me for I shall sing to thee and give thee bliss." But the Soul of Man passed on, restless and alone, hungering after the fruits and thirsting for the juices thereof.


And thus ended the second day with the quest for food and drink still unfulfilled, and in the agony of his hunger the Soul of Man stumbled and fell and lay despairing until sleep descended once again to those dark continents of night with star-swept shores. And the angels came upon him where he lay, speaking to him in the language of dreams. "Thy sufferings are real, yet unreal. For in thy long travail which is as but an instant, thou must encounter both good and evil. Yet knowest thou that there is neither." And he awakened greater in understanding.


And it came to pass that on the third day his way led directly into the sun itself, and fear walked by his side. Yet there was no turning back, for those who seek the fruit of knowledge are consecrated to the search forever-more. Thus Man entered into the white radiance and came forth purified, having become allied with the forces of nature. And lo! on the other side grew the Tree of Knowledge, bathed in the essence of the sun and stretching its heavy-laden branches into the infinity of the cosmos. And its blossoms shone like lights, sending forth their over-powering fragrance into the universe. And about its great trunk lay coiled a serpent who rose up regarding Man, saying,


"Since thou seekest, thou hast found. But be thou aware that the fruit grows only upon the topmost branches. Therefore must thou be straight and strong and tall to attain the fulfillment of thy purest desires." And Man put forth his hand and strove to reach the lowest ripening cluster, but to no avail. And the serpent laid its head upon his shoulder hissing, "Reach a little higher, Man, for how else art thou to become God-like?" And the Soul of Man stretched himself to his utmost, until the tips of his fingers touched the first fruit, yet could not pluck it from the bough. And the serpent recoiled, sighing, "Thou must go forth again and grow still taller, Man, for the fruits of the tree are reserved for those of mighty stature. Yet tarry here a while beneath the tree and rest thyself before the outward journey must commence."


And the Soul of Man lay down and slept within its shade and arose refreshed, having become as a child again, and strengthened, for the quest was not in vain. Verily, what is knowledge but the finding of the way, and reaching it, to reach again yet higher? [7]


Boris de Zirkoff

There is abroad in the world a Force which is akin to the Sun. In silent places, far from the rushing torrents of worldly life, it works its silent magic, unperceived. Yet in the crowded market-places of men its message can also he heard, its grip and password recognized, if you but search for it. It works for Good, for Right, for Truth. Beginning - it has none, nor can it ever have an end, for it is a living, dynamic Energy, pulsating in and through the spiritual atmosphere of the Earth itself.

Mankind has never been without spiritual guidance. At the forefront of the evolutionary advance of the human race, there stand Beings of lofty spiritual and intellectual attainment. They are the natural product of self-directed evolution. It is the range and the depth of their consciousness, and the universality of their objectives which cause them to be the natural leaders of the human race, whether recognized as such or not. These men of titanic intellectual and spiritual grandeur have been known by various names throughout history; they are the Masters and Custodians of the hidden Wisdom, and they form an association or brotherhood of Sages and Seers who guide and watch over the development and growth of mankind as a whole.

It is these Sages and Seers who are on this Earth the most perfected imbodiments of that Mystic Force which is akin to the Sun itself and which works through them as its main channel. Knowing the operations of Nature and the mysteries underlying its functions on all planes, they are the selfless servants of Cosmic forces and transmit them to those below in the hierarchical structure of the human race.

The Mystic Force which the Masters imbody, and which flows, to a greater or lesser extent through every selfless man or woman who is definitely working for the spiritual advancement of mankind, manifests itself in the world as a ceaseless drive, a never-ending urge towards higher knowledge, an impulse towards ethical regeneration, character achievement, spiritual illumination and inner conquest. Embodied in men and women of a mystical trend of mind, of universal objectives, and of deep-seated search for Realities, this drive or urge is the Theosophical Movement, irrespective of age, civilization, or outward forms through which it may operate.

The Theosophical Movement has existed at all times, and will never cease to exist. Whatever its many forms may have been, its basic, underlying impetus has always been one and the same, and the message of its proponents and representatives has been fundamentally identical from age to age, for it is universal in essence and character.

These are some of the main key-notes of any genuine Theosophical Movement:

The Unity of all Life - the Oneness of Being - the essential unity of all that lives throughout the Universe.

The Divine origin and ultimate destiny of all that is, therefore of man himself as an inseparable portion of the All.

The existence of a Path which leads to true Knowledge and Wisdom through the union of the human consciousness at the core of himself; as well as the existence of a method of training and a mode of life which makes it possible for man to travel that [8]Path successfully, in selfless service to all that lives.

And the men and women through the revolving ages who have taught these simple truths of Nature, have all belonged, whether consciously or not, to the same Mystic Order, at the heart of which the spiritual School of the Masters of Wisdom has its sway. Many of them may not have known self-consciously the full import of the thoughts they were instrumental in spreading; some of them undoubtedly followed in so doing rather an intuitional urge and a mystic "call," than a fully formed idea, systematically carried out. Others had a vague feeling of being guided, protected and inspired, perhaps throughout a whole life-time, as long as they remained channels for a certain type of regenerative and uplifting thought. Still others have been in the past, and are at present, self-conscious toilers in the field of human spiritual liberation, aware of their link with the Brotherhood of the Teachers, attuned at least in some degree to the mandates issuing from such quarters, ready to obey the direct guidance given them, joyful in the carrying out of instructions, self-sacrificing so that others may awake and truly live.

It is of grave importance for the Cause we are working for to be observant, to watch with sympathy and intuitive understanding the reactions of those who, as seekers and learners, come our way and ask for the Waters of Life. We repeat: watch their reactions to both verbal instruction, written word, and even casual remarks which we might make along lines of interest to them. If you are observant and allow your intuition to become active, you will notice that many of these people have the unmistakable earmarks of discipleship. They are not total beginners in occult thought, though they may have never contacted a single occult book or student in this present incarnation. They carry in their hearts and minds a faint memory of a knowledge once possessed and then somehow or other temporarily lost sight of. In some cases, more numerous than we might at first believe, they exhibit a sense of "coming home" when placed in close contact with the ancient teachings and some of those who expound them.

Although it is doubtless true that the message of the Ancient Wisdom is for all who can grasp it, it is nevertheless a fact also that we are in search primarily for just this type of people - people who have been already active in the ranks of the Brotherhood, in other lives and other ages, and have temporarily lost their way in the intricate maze of sensuous existence. It is our bounden duty to search for them, to seek them out in the midst of the masses, to sound the "call" and watch for the echo, sometimes so faint, in the hearts of those who recognize the "call" and follow where it leads. These are the people who have had connections in past lives with some genuine School of Occultism; they may have received in it some degree of training; may have attained some degree of illumination and acquired some knowledge of themselves. Through complex circumstances of their own individual Karman they may have allowed that Light to he dimmed in later years and the "link" with their own Inner Selves to become somewhat weakened. Their vision got blurred, their perspective confused, their will perchance weakened, and a veil shrouded for the time being the inner knowledge which had been gained. They wandered off the mystic Path, and into the alluring byways of the senses, captivated by the illusions of the world, enslaved for a time by [9] the enticing beauty of Mayavic shadows. But the memory of their greater Vision still lingered in their souls; and when they awakened to another life that memory inhered in their very consciousness, drove them to search again, as if for a treasure lost but vaguely remembered, somewhere, somehow to be recognized.

Let us watch for these people; let us not miss them, pass them by, overlook them while seeking perchance for something more startling and important! One word sometime, one thought, one passage from a book or poem, often a mere casual reference to a noble and universal idea, is enough to strike a responsive echo in the darkened corridors of their minds, and fan a flame in the darkened chambers of their hearts. Their self-made karmic effect of temporary forgetfulness and oblivion may be coming to an end now. And anyone of us may be performing at the particular moment some magic act of spiritual-psychological surgery, often without our knowing it ourselves. The link has been re-established. The obstacle removed from the path of the spiritual currents within themselves, the flow of inspiration is tapped again. They recognize themselves as coming "home" after many a wandering through the labyrinth of the senses, back from the deep forests of illusions, back to the "wind-blown plains where the wild daisies grow."

Irrespective of age or civilization, the purpose of the Theosophical Movement has invariably been to disseminate Truth through the teachings of the esoteric philosophy, conveyed through whatever channel was the most suitable at the time; to efface crass materialism and the lethal spirit of blind negation and prejudice; to bring to man an ever greater realization of his inherent divine consciousness, and an ever greater knowledge regarding the operations of Universal Nature of which he is an integral part. Its basic objective - a long-range one - is to usher in, in due course of time, a new order of things, based on the spiritual regeneration of mankind; to blind men in one Universal Brotherhood, illumined by the Divine Light in Nature which is the same as the divine light in man himself; for that the time may come when, conscious of their essential Oneness with all life, men will learn how to live, and the ideal of true Brotherhood will have become a dynamic faith in the collective life of mankind.

Anyone who wishes to do so and is not afraid of independent investigation, can trace the workings and the influence of the Masters of Wisdom and their School through a great many mystical and philosophical movements which have existed in the last or still exist in the present. All these movements and schools were to a greater or lesser extent links in the same chain, and manifested one or another aspect of the same spiritual-intellectual Force working as a guiding influence throughout the evolutionary history of Mankind.

To mention but a few of these links at random: the Mystery-Schools of antiquity, and their Initiatory Rites - those of Eleusis and Samothrace and Delphi; those of Ekbatana, Baal-bek, Tarsus; those of Karnak, Memphis, Abu-Simbel; the mysteries among the Druids, the Mayas, the Scandinavian races, the Mithraic communities, as well as similar seats of occult knowledge and training throughout the Orient, often in secluded places little known to men. The Pythagorean School, the Neo-Platonic succession of Teachers, the Gnostic teachings of the early Christian centuries, the Sufis, original Masonry, the Fire-Philosophers of the Middle Ages, the Martinists and similar groups in other parts of [10] Europe, as well as individual mystics and seers, too numerous to mention here - all these and others are but branchlets on the same trunk of spiritual knowledge, rooted, as it were in the spiritual constitution of Mother-Earth. All are but links in the same hermetic Chain which runs like a golden thread of Ariadne through the intricate maze of the unfolding human race and its destiny.

That aspect of the Universal Theosophical Movement which has become known since 1875 as the Theosophical Society, is but the most recent and fresh impetus given by the Brotherhood of Adepts to the latent, potential mystical and occult elements in the Western civilization. It represents the revival in a modern form of the well-nigh forgotten Mysteries of ancient days. As definitely stated by H.P. Blavatsky, the direct Messenger of the Masters at the time, the Theosophical Society was started as a Philosophical School constituted on the ancient hermetic basis, another link in the endless chain of occult bodies and associations, all carrying the same torch of light, proclaiming the same message, from age to age.

It should be clearly understood that the Theosophical Movement of today, as of any other period in history, is formed of the sum-total, the aggregate of occultists, mystics, and aspiring seekers the world over, whether they belong outwardly to any existing association for occult study, or belong to none. On inner lines, they are an integral part, whether consciously or not, of the same universal Mystic Order which belongs to no age or race in particular, yet embraces them all. Let this be remembered lest we fall a prey to the spirit of superiority and intellectual pride, and allow ourselves to imagine that other men and women cannot have access to true knowledge or see the Vision Sublime because, perchance, they are not avowed members of a Theosophical Organization. It is so easy for any one of us to flounder on the rock of self-glorification, and to lose our way in the barren sands of self-righteousness!

In this connection, the words of William Q. Judge (The Path, New York, August, 1895) should be ever present in the minds of the students:

"There is a very great difference between the Theosophical Movement and any Theosophical Society. The Movement is moral, ethical, spiritual, universal, invisible, safe in effect, and continuous. A Society formed for theosophical work is a visible organization, an effect, a machine for conserving energy and putting it to use; it is not nor can it be universal, nor is it continuous. Organized Theosophical bodies are made by men for their better co-operation, but, being mere outer shells, they must change from time to time as human defects come out, as the times change, and as the great underlying spiritual movement compels such alterations.

"The Theosophical Movement being continuous, it is to be found in all times and in all nations. Wherever thought has struggled to be free, wherever spiritual ideas, as opposed to forms and dogmatism, have been promulgated, there the great movement is to be discerned ... One can therefore see that to worship an organization, even though it be the beloved theosophical one, is to fall down before Form, and to become the slave once more of that dogmatism which our portion of the Theosophical Movement, the T.S., was meant to overthrow."

The universality of the Theosophical Movement in every age or civilization or race establishes its all-embracing character and is a guarantee [11] of its all-inclusive sympathies - sympathies for the souls of men. As such, the Theosophical Movement needs at all times men and women with a dynamic and with deep-seated spiritual convictions versus mere intellectualism. It calls for living brotherhood versus high-brow metaphysics unrelated to life's problems. It requires that spiritual impetuosity which alone can rise over the incipient dangers of mental stagnation and indifference.

The Theosophical Movement is a Movement of Youth - youth not as a condition of mere bodies, but as a state of mind, a vigor of thought and an ever-bubbling freshness of the deep springs of life. The teachings of the ageless Wisdom are ever young, because perennially true and ever-enduring as Mother Nature herself. The exponents of that Wisdom, whatever their physical age may be, must of necessity be young in spirit, creative in their imagination, in love with the stars and with star-like thought, wedded to their lofty Ideals, joyful pilgrims bent on a wondrous journey towards the Gates of Gold; men and women who, as a modern thinker has said, instead of looking behind and asking why? look to the future and ask why not?


Polly Carr

Again it has occurred to me how much we know as children - how much we forget in our heavy-lidded adulthood.

The doctrine of Karma, for instance, in some of its aspects, seems to be quite well-known among children. Their parents ostensibly do not teach them this, for their parents have lost sight of it ... but among children there circulates the admonition that you must be careful what you wish to another, for certainly if it is a past wish it will come full circle and wreak its full evil - not on its object - but on its originator.

Then, how about the myths and legends - the engrossing "fairy tales" of childhood? Their thread of symbolic truth is caught up in the warp and woof of the child's mind and character, and he knows they are no mere fantasies but sober and exciting fact.

It is as though the child has but shortly returned from drinking at some vital well-spring. He has only yesterday been at the center of reality and the illusion of our present material world has not yet scaled his eyes.

Some deep, thrilling recognition tells him it is a serious and a real thing when the Prince meets the dragon in the fairy tale. That, the child knows in some part of his being, is The Battle - the inescapable fight - the ultimate test of us all.

That fight is the climactic scene in the fairy-tale towards which all the hero's progress has been pointing.

He is a Good Prince - handsome and kind and strong and wise. Or perhaps he is a baker boy, or a miller's son, or a shepherd. But always he is a True Prince within, and worthy of his most cherished desire - that one object which alone will be his life's fulfillment (In the tale, usually, the King's Daughter, the Beautiful Princess).

But is he worthy? That, it seems, must be proved. There must he a test of his worthiness to gain his ultimate fulfillment.

There is nothing else for it - he must do battle with the dragon. The evil dragon - the fearsome beast - the Ugly Thing that guards his treasure![12]

Alone, armed only with his sword, with no knowledge or experience of such a fight, he must walk up to this vile creature, and lie must not falter.

What does he know of this beast - save that it has done to death many men before him? How does he know what magic powers it may possess - what incredible strength? Can he dare to pit himself against this fearsome monster?

Yes, he dares, because he must. He dares, because he is man, and It is beast.

And so the awful struggle begins. The dreadful sight of the dragon must not confuse him - its eyes, streaking fire, its breath clouded in sulphurous fumes, its horrible lashing tail - and all the indescribable hideousness that man has never seen before and cannot find words for.

These must not dismay him. He must see them and accept them; and finally when the battle reaches its height - when he falters and is about to fall - then, suddenly, he must know. This monster is his own! This beast is himself - the underside of his fair face, the deepest depths within his guileless eyes.

It is himself he must fight and kill. And though the knowledge that this thing is himself brings a cold wave of horror and a sickness and disgust beyond expression, it brings a power, too. Then all the goodness of the Good Prince comes to help him: his gentle and staunch heart, the clean muscle and sinew of his spirit, every kindly deed and generous thought. The strength that is his own rushes into him and his Evil Genius is slain!

Then, with his foot on the head of this Thing that no longer holds any fear for him, the Prince is triumphant and purified, and worthy to claim the fulfillment for which he has fought. (In the fairy tale, usually, of course, the king's Beautiful Daughter.)

Then, there is that other version of the same tale . . . Beauty and the Beast. The Beast is so hideously ugly none can look upon it without shuddering. The Princess is beautiful as a star - and who would dream that so lovely and gentle a princess could regard such a beast without swooning?

But the Beast looks at the Princess with such pleading eyes and she sees in those eyes a look of such entreaty and sorrow that her heart is touched. She must embrace the Beast - she must accept it as her own - and with great bravery and compassion the Princess tenderly kisses the horrid Beast. What a miraculous change!

For where the loathsome Beast stood, there now stands a fair young Prince - who will take the Princess as his bride, and they will live happily ever after.

The Princess must first understand and love and take to her heart completely - the ugliness of the Beast. Then and only then is she made complete and whole. Only then does the illusion fall away and the true nature of the Beast appear. Its ugliness and evil are her own - and they are transformed by the bravery and compassion of her heart.

No mere fantasy - but sober and exciting fact. The child with his book of fairy tales knows it. For he is wiser than the "wise" adult. The child knows his fairy tales hide a deep reality. [13]



Recently, as the Wayfarer has passed through the congested and evil smelling monstrosities of modern life, known as CITIES, he has become aware of a brand view FEAR dominating the minds of men.

Whether it be in crowded bus, noisy restaurant, public meetings, or a gathering of friends in a private home, THE universal topic of conversation was found to be the impending doom of all humanity from the effects of the Atom Bomb.

Now, one of the boons vouchsafed the Wanderers through life are the habits of analysis and contemplation. So as the Wayfarer left the city far behind and the peace, tranquility and calm of the countryside was welcomed as a Spiritual draft of the Elixir of Life, a mental analysis of the astounding situation was indulged in. Are Such FEARS really justified? The answer is yes, insofar as any fear can be justified. The leading scientists of this and other countries leave stated that there is no MATERIAL defense against the Atom Bomb and that if the nations, or individuals, start using it, all life on this earth will cease. These scientists point out that one A-Bomb of small size, such as those used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, has the same power of destruction as twenty thousand tons of TNT, providing you could place such a huge amount of TNT on a very small spot, something which obviously cannot be done. They also point out that these two very small bombs produced the unbelievable temperature of 3,500,000 degrees Centigrade, which is much hotter than the average temperature at the Sun's surface. These same scientists are now in mortal FEAR of the Frankenstein monster they have created. When military experts are asked about defense measures, they also answer: "There is no MATERIAL defense."

Contemplating and pondering over the results of this analysis, the answer to the problem is found in the very words of the scientists and military experts themselves. They both say there is no possible MATERIAL defense. Therefore, the defense which must exist should be looked for on the remaining two planes of existence - the Mental and Spiritual.

It does not take long to dismiss the Mental plane for the very bomb itself is the result of the Exclusive dedication to the human Mind alone, unsoftened by the "gentle breezes of Soul-Wisdom." The mind alone is always destructive, hence the very first use of the discovery of the release of atomic energy was to kill 200,000 people and destroy two large cities.

This leaves only the Spiritual Plane to consider for our defense against the Atom Bomb. This is the abode of the Soul, the source of Conscience, of the Ethics and Morals of Life. Contemplation then fills in the details and we find the only possible defense against universal destruction is for no one to wish to use the Atom Bomb, for ethical, moral and spiritual reasons. This becomes a matter of individual character education for all the World's peoples. It demands a World Brotherhood, at least for the purposes of World Government.

One of the Nuclear physicists who helped develop this monstrosity happens to be a friend of the Wayfarer, so the next step was to present the above findings to him. This scientist answered as follows: "'That is correct, the only possible defense against destruction by the atom bomb, lies in the ethical, moral and Spiritual regeneration of the people. It is out of our hands now and in those of the World's Spiritual Leaders."

MORAL: Science and Religion, formerly so far apart, are now knitted together by the Law of Compulsion.

And that's Scientific Theosophy.

- The Wayfarer. [Hubert S. Turner] [14]


Edwina Booth

Racial prejudice and discrimination are the shame of what we call our civilization. It is up to everyone of us to work for their ultimate obliteration, so that a simple recognition of human brotherhood may replace those feelings which divide the human family.

How often do we pause to consider some of the simplest facts of Nature which cut at the root of racial prejudices? Take the case of tire Negro race. Quite apart from any political or economic factors, there are many self-evident truths which we only too often overlook or deliberately ignore.

You hear people ask the question: Why is there hatred towards the Negro?

Because we do not understand the difference between the negro and the white man, that is if one can call it a difference. The negro and the white - are they not composed of the same substance, the same blood, water, and chemical salts that make up the human body? We all have a bodily structure with practically the same amount of bones, tissues and muscles. We all grew from a similar "spark" - the life-atom. We all have similar emotions, feelings, moods and other sensitivities. Our thoughts are just about the same, though of course we vary in the display of them. But is that not caused by differences both in our present environment, and in the history of our past lives? Will not the spirit travel just as far, and develop towards the Highest, whether a man be black or white? Cannot the black and white be interchanged in their next incarnation? We often forget these simple thoughts.

Others wonder what makes the negro black.

The negro wears a dark skin due to a pigment in the skin. Pigment is a coloring matter. Color is a quality of visible phenomena. If we understand this, then we can say that there is a difference between the black race and the white one; but that is the only outward difference anyway. Do we refuse food, coffee, tea or milk, just on account of its color? The pigment of a negro's skin is caused by many Things: there are climatic conditions to consider, solar radiation, geographical location, and pre-historic migrations, as pointed out by Dr. Herbert J. Fleure, a British geographer and anthropologist. May it not be that the African built up a special protection from his enemies by wearing his dark covering? Was it not a protection from climatic conditions? The real reason may he hidden in a past so remote as to be untraceable to mere anthropology, unaided by the teachings of the ancient wisdom. I believe that a Guiding Power gave the negro a "tool" to use in his earth-life, a black skin; so let's help him to use it to the best of his ability!

How many times have we heard the question: Why should the Negro have equal rights with the White man?

Doesn't the blade of grass and the mulberry bush have the same opportunity? Stamp or trample on a blade of grass, and then watch it slowly, but surely, push its way upward. That is what the Negro is trying to do. As many times as you crush a blade of grass, just as often will it fight to stand up again. Doesn't the blade of grass and the mulberry bush have equal rights to live, when first they appear on this earth? Do they not have water, sunshine, and nourishment? Then if you starve the [15] one or the other, is not the lesser one going to fight that much harder for those rights? Why not have the negro and the white man live next door to each other? We don't seem to mind it if the mechanic and the artist live side by side. Should not the black and the white work side by side (and without any conflict)? The rose and the lily, the blade of grass and the mulberry bush all live and work in their appointed sphere, and often side by side, too. They do not suffer in consequence of it. Who are we then to question Mother-Nature and her ways?

Others raise the query: What has the Negro done for Humanity?

It should he commonplace knowledge that the Negro has made many scientific discoveries. The white man is now using them in various aspects of his existence. Let's look at the life of George Washington Carver, as an illustration. Dr. Carver, the holder of the 1923 Spingarn Medal for Negro Achievement, invented numerous scientific marvels. From wood shavings he made synthetic marble. From peanut shells he made insulating walls for houses. From cow dung he made paint. From the ordinary peanut he made more than three hundred products, including milk, cheese, oils, shaving lotions, wood stains, dyes, linoleum, soaps, tar remover, printer's ink, and even axle grease. These are just some of the marvels obtained by Dr. Carver. And this is just one man ... one negro man. He asked nothing for his work, nor did he accept anything for his services. Yet, even though a member of the negro race discovered these products, does that race enjoy them all? Ask yourself this simple question and ponder over it!

The Negro race has made many people conscious of rhythm, who had no appreciation of it before. Rhythm is of course forever present, in every waking or sleeping moment of our lives. The very first beginnings of the idea of blood-plasma originated with a Negro in 1492. Some of our musical instruments, such as the drum and the flute, are the outgrowth of the primitive peoples of Africa.

One of the most successful, idealistic and practical educational ventures, nationally recognized today, is the Piney Woods Country Life School for underprivileged negro boys and girls, conceived and carried out by Prof. Laurence C. Jones, a remarkable negro mind, with more honest-to-goodness brotherhood in his institution than in many other high-sounding educational organizations put together.

So we ask what has the negro race done for humanity? Doesn't that make us feel a little bit ashamed? If the negro race were given at all times the opportunity and equality that the white man enjoys, that race would eventually become as highly recognized in all fields of endeavor, as we ourselves claim to be. Give them a chance ... we have already ours. Lift your foot, white man, and let that blade of brass sprout and grow!

And then there is this query:

What can we do to further the harmonious relationship between the negro and the white?

As Lin Yutang has said: "The changes in our way of thinking must be basic if we are to be saved."

We must try and understand the numerous problems that are confronting us, and then work and strive for a more universal love towards all mankind. We ourselves cannot grow and develop, if we have not the will to see and to find these problems, and then to attack them through the medium of positive constructive thinking. We must try at all times to be understanding; to grow and look for the humane side of all [16] problems that face us every day. If we do this, then we will have a universal love for all mankind ... an understanding of most problems ... a kind and sympathetic feeling for all minorities ... yea, for all that lives.

The questions we have briefly discussed are but a very few of those that people seem to be always asking, and yet they are the important ones in many minds. How very simple

the answers are. Racial intolerance is stupid and illogical. It is a fruitful cause of wars between peoples and nations. How easily this could be avoided. If only all of us could really understand! Or even try to understand.

As recently pointed out by Buel Gallagher on the radio: "To deny equality, or to demand segregation, is to deny both the Brotherhood of Man, and the Fatherhood of God."


G. de Purucker
(Excerpts from an editorial in The Theosophical Forum, January, 1939.)

... Breaking up into its different component or separate societies, like Theosophical Movement has nevertheless lived on ... Each one of these different societies will succeed or fail, in my judgment, precisely in accordance with the degree of spirituality and intellectual penetration and selfless devotion which its members as individuals possess; or, lacking these, any one of them will drift off as H.P.B. pointed out, on to one or more sandbanks of thought and there decay and become another sad wreck in the cyclic history of Theosophical endeavor.

Let us pause a moment and look at these sandbanks that we may more clearly understand just what they are. They are rarely if ever, indeed never, in my judgment, sandbanks formed of the thought of other movements contrary to our own, but always of the mental prejudices, biases, and intellectual and emotional way-wardnesses which it is human nature so utterly to cherish. In other words, these sandbanks are the product of ourselves, of Theosophists, of whatever society we may belong to. We are caught and ensnared by our own weaknesses and our infidelity to the principles I have mentioned above, in which principles lie our only safety, our sheet anchor, as well as our assurance of future success.

Any society, for instance, which becomes merely a bibliolatrous sect, worshiping books, however grand they may be because of the teachings contained in them, is almost certainly destined to fall into the next error of judgment, which is the worshiping of dead Leaders; and this is one of the pitfalls, one of the commonest sandbanks, of organized thought which our own beloved T.S. must at all costs avoid.


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