A Living Philosophy For Humanity

Volume III
No. 6 (18) - March-April 1947

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(From The Throne of the Gods, by Arnold Heim and August Vansser. By kind permission of The Macmillan Co., New York.)


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The Society, as a body, has no creed, as creeds are but the shells around spiritual knowledge; and Theosophy in its fruition is spiritual knowledge itself - the very essence of philosophical and theistic inquiry. Visible representative of Universal Theosophy, it can be no more sectarian than a Geographical society, which represents universal geographical exploration without caring whether the explorers be of one creed or another. The religion of the society is an algebraical equation, in which so long as the sign = of equality is not omitted, each member is allowed to substitute quantities of his own, which better accord with the climatic and other exigencies of his native land, with the idiosyncrasies of his people, or even with his own ...

As a body, the Theosophical society holds that all original thinkers and investigators of the hidden side of nature whether materialists - those who find matter "the promise and potency of all terrestrial life," or spiritualists - that is, those who discover in spirit the source of all energy and of matter as well, were and are, properly, Theosophists. For to be one, one need not necessarily recognize the existence of any special God or deity. One need but worship the spirit of living nature, and to try to identify oneself with it. To revere that Presence, the invisible Cause, which is yet ever manifesting itself in its incessant results; the intangible, omnipotent, and omnipresent Proteus: indivisible in its Essence, and eluding form, yet appearing under all and every form; who is here and there and everywhere and nowhere; is All and Nothing; ubiquitous yet one; the Essence filling, binding, bounding, containing everything; contained in all. It will, we think, be seen now, that whether classed as Theists, pantheists or Atheists, such men are all near kinsmen to the rest. Be what he may, once a student abandons the old and trodden highway of routine, and enters upon the solitary path of independent thought - Godward - he is a Theosophist; an original thinker, a seeker after the eternal truth with "an inspiration of his own" to solve the universal problems. - H.P. Blavatsky, The Theosophist, Vol. 1, October, 1979. [3]


Boris de Zirkoff

In the quiet depths of every human life there is a divine Urge which ever cries out for higher and nobler realizations.

The mystic Light which guides men to greatness shines star-like on the firmament of the human heart, amid the gloom of the outer desolation, and the gloom "comprehendeth it not."

Whatever the blight of human passions, the despondency of bleak despair, the aggressive universalism of Truth invariably wins the final victory, and while the curtain is rung down upon some dying era, it rises elsewhere upon the ever-receding vistas of greater eras to come.

Rushing from one illusion to another, swept by the whirlwind of sensuous life, men and women worship phantasms, then weep over their own blasted lives, while the Pioneers of Peace look on unrecognized, working for the good of the many through the awakened souls of the few. Age succeeds age, century chases century down the crested pathway of cycles, and the procession of the Great Ones winds its way through the maze of existence, mostly unheeded and often unknown.

Through the lurid smoke of human passions, and the frigid blast of negation and unbelief, Lights never-fading throw their golden gleam upon the turbulent waters of human life. Messengers of good Tidings, Heralds of the Unseen, Servus Servorum Dei - they call one to the other across the echoing halls of time, passing the flaming Torch to unborn centuries.

Channels of Solar Forces, it is to them we owe the varied impulses which have given rise to the manifestations of the Universal Theosophical Movement - one in nature and essence, though varied in form and aspect.

In this day and age, once again, there is a Global manifestation of the ageless Theosophical Movement at work. Fortunate are those indeed who are born in the present cycle; twice fortunate those who have deserved the inestimable privilege actively to partake in the dissemination of Light, the seeding of the fertile ground of human minds with the seeds of Truth.

The great thought-currents of the present era are carrying mankind into a vast open sea. The cycle ushered in by the formation of the modern Theosophical effort, through the chief instrumentality of Helena Blavatsky, acting on the direct instructions of her Teachers, has now gathered momentum and its sign-posts are practically everywhere.

The most characteristic keynote of this cycle is Universality, and its primary objective is to bring about the birth of Global Consciousness on the part of a sizeable portion of the human race.

Hence every dogmatism, whether religious, scientific, philosophical, or social, is out of time. Hence every intolerance, every incrustation, every unyielding emotional mold, every restrictive discrimination, every barrier to human understanding and goodwill, is so much useless ballast which mankind collectively - and everyone of us individually - must in time cast aside, if we are to rise into the spiritual stratosphere of our potential greatness.

The clarion-call of a Global Culture has been sounded, and the Forces of Light are rallying all those who have heard the call and have discerned its symbolic message. To their will be entrusted the task of building a greater Temple, whose bricks are living human hearts, cemented by bond of unbreakable solidarity, domed by vaulting aspirations toward the star.

Challenged by the light-hearers, the power which dwell in darkness have [4] been forced into the open everywhere. It is but natural that it be so. The opposing elements of conservatism, separateness and inertia fight a losing battle on the field of the human mind; their days are counted, hard though the struggle may be.

In the conflict of the present era, standing at the threshold of a new age, it behooves every student of the Ancient Wisdom to reevaluate his ideals, and to search his soul for hidden purposes and motives. Let him ask himself where his allegiances are in this era of tottering reputations and false credentials; Are they to self-styled leaders, or are they to the Universal Ideals presented by and embodied in every true leader? Are they to man-made Organizations, however grand in objectives, or are they to the Banner of Truth, beyond organizations and forms? Is he a worshiper of books and scriptures, or are his thoughts roaming the infinite spaces of ageless Wisdom, carried by the Wind of the Spirit towards the stars?

If it is the former, he will stumble on the Path leading to the coming era. Caught in the viscosity of tradition, he will be unable to cross the threshold of the Portals of Light. If the latter, his will be the great, wide open spaces of the future, where a new Sun shines over a regenerated humanity.

Some groups and students, whose zeal outran their wisdom, have attempted froth time to time to set themselves up as the sole custodians of the Esoteric Wisdom, and the purest exponents of its mysteries. The unbeatable logic of historic events has invariably disproved their assertions. For the Guardians of Mankind do not work in that way. Their sympathies are universal. Their efforts to help, subservient to the karmic pattern, are limited mainly by the ability of men to receive. They are neither respecters of persons, nor do they countenance selfish ambitions. They have their agents the world over, and seeds of their Wisdom may he found in places least likely, when judged by worldly standards, to contain them.

The Lodge-Force is a leaven at work everywhere. Disciples of the Hierarchy of Compassion are active in every constructive aspect of human life. Some have had a hand in the epoch-making developments of Modern Science; others have sponsored and encouraged the great shift towards world-fraternization taking place today in the consciousness of progressive religious bodies; others yet have leavened certain world-wide social efforts, bringing to pass more humane laws and instituting far-reaching reforms. Some have worked in the slums, others among the so-called "elite" of mankind; still others have registered their powerful thought in the literature of the day; and others yet have presided at times over the disintegration of worn-out vehicles of expression which had fallen prey to organizational incrustations and the spirit of self-opinionated separateness.

Irrespective of organizations or groups, the Theosophical Movement in its most universal meaning is in need of men and women with a dynamic Faith, a Faith strong enough to break through the restricting walls of barren intellectualism. It calls for living Brotherhood, versus sublimated metaphysics unrelated to the urgent necessities of the opening era. It is in constant need of that Spiritual Impetuosity which alone call rise over the dangers of mental stagnation, and carry the Movement into the vast fields of the future.

The currents of the Lodge-Force flow through every open channel in the world, and are opening new and better channels as the need for such arises. It is therefore imperative for us to remember that the future of any Theosophical Society lies in its ability to respond to the changing frequencies of a growing age, and that greater than any organized Society is the Theosophical Movement. [5]


Richard H. Cutting

The term "Universal Brotherhood" is no idle phrase. Humanity in the mass has a paramount claim upon us. ... it is the only secure foundation for universal morality. If it be a dream, it is at least a noble one for mankind: and it is the aspiration of a true adept. - Master K.H., The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, p. 17.

The subject of Race Relations is of more than mere topical importance in the inter-cultural exchange of human beings. It is not merely an expedient of the moment, but rather an enduring force which is the brick and stone and mortar of this civilization's foundation. Human solidarity must be fashioned well with the cement of Brotherly Love. All the achievements of our era will continue to ring with an empty sound, so long as there remains one Negro on our soil who must view such signs as - "White Baggage Only" - "Rest Rooms for Whites Only" - "Negro Restaurant In The Rear." There is no Christianity in this.

There is a need for world cooperation in these post-war times. This cooperation must be based upon ethical evaluations. Power politics have failed. At the present stage of evolution, in the matter of human categories, we obviously are divided on a world-wide scale into national and racial stocks. The evolution of the human language indigenous to these ethnic stocks - Chinese, French, German, English, Himalayan, Burmese, Russian, Tagalog, and so forth, is often a barrier to the adequate understanding of initial problems. Customs, too, are often mere impedimenta ... customs involving worship and ritualistic practices. In other words there are many factors that often make it difficult for us to understand one another. The most stupid and terrifying of all is individual and collective prejudice because of race or color or religious viewpoint. Intolerance along these lines is just another word for ignorance. We most all work carefully for the eradication of this mental and emotional disease ... to see that comprehensible educational and intercultural measures are established, to eliminate the horror of misunderstanding our fellowmen. You often hear it said that the world has shrunk. This is not true. What we mean to say is that the human consciousness of the world has expanded, because of new technological advances in transportation and communications. We have always been "One World," but we are slowly just beginning to realize it. It is hardly necessary to remind the thinking person that cooperation among diverse peoples is a world necessity. Because of scientific advances we are facing the self-created problem of interdependence. In this exciting concept of proximity to each other, America could be a great power. However, as stated in the latest review of the Julius Rosenwald Fund: "With all our national wealth, millions of our citizens are still living in dire poverty. With all our official commitment to freedom and equality and justice to all, great groups are bound down to crass, unthinking discrimination, and have little share in the democratic opportunities that are America."

And that is why I am writing these lines: to remind you of certain facts that are fully documented; not because you need them above any other group of people, but because I know that there is something good and fine and decent deep in the inside walls of all of us ... because I know that you must be willing to take up the cause of humanity - the understanding of humanity ... the boosting of humanity tip the ladder of cosmic evolution. [6]

I write to remind us all of certain facts which tie in to the question of racial appreciation. There is need for it, because one out of every two American adults has less than an elementary school education ... because one-half of the school buildings in America are one-room schoolhouses ... because we spend annually considerably more on liquor than we do on public education ... because the annual school teacher's salary in Mississippi is 776 dollars ... because the average annual salary of the Negro teacher in Mississippi is 232 dollars ... because the annual average salary of every school teacher in the United States is 1150 dollars ... because in America there are between seven and ten thousand classrooms that have no teachers. Last year 170 thousand teachers changed their positions or moved to non-teaching jobs.

It was Thomas Jefferson who wrote in a letter to James Madison - "Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of liberty." And yet, in some states, civic textbooks are edited especially for Negro students - the material dealing with the right to vote, and the mechanics for voting, being carefully omitted.

I write to remind you that in the thirty years following 1855, more than a thousand Chinese were hanged, shot, or beaten to death by California mobs. During the 1890's, 1200 Negroes were lynched in the United States. From 1882 to 1939, a total of 3400 Negroes died by lynching in America. I have a partially completed list - fully authenticated - showing 21 lynchings, blindings and beatings of Negroes through mob violence in the South. One of them was burned to death by an acetylene torch; one of them was the only Negro to vote in his district in Georgia.

During the reign of Adolph Hitler, eight million Jews were killed in Europe.

Today there are 1150 thousand people still in European Concentration Camps.

This is hardly a pleasant, cooperative picture.

This list of conditions could be greatly extended. There are many other things which have happened in your country and mine, which come under the "Department of Gore" - incredible perpetuation of the false doctrine of racial and religious intolerance, violence to bodies, minds, hearts, anal souls of your countrymen and mine.

Why? There is no answer in the domain of reason.

There is no room for racial or religious prejudices in the realms of philosophy, science, or religion. We have much evidence to this effect - the cumulative thoughts of sincere men who have advanced far in their respective fields.

But there is room for racial prejudice in the diffuse and varying realms of human consciousness, with its mysterious, unstable, complex, emotional variables. Prejudices are based for the most part on inadequate and incomplete thinking processes, with little, if any, direction toward establishing a truth.

Looking at the matter from a spiritual viewpoint, I would like to point out the enormous pile of evidence which has been handed down to us ... this civilization ... yours and mine ... from great Teachers along the corridors of Time. We have received divine injunctions from these Masters of Wisdom to practice the Brotherhood of Man ... to incorporate this Universal Law of human care and welfare into the actions and thoughts of our everyday lives. Not one of the Masters who have taught the Children of the Universe have varied in their teachings in this respect. Please examine the edifices of thought and the lives of Zoroaster ... Krishna ... Gautama the Buddha ... Lao Tse, Jesus the Christ ... Rama of Ancient India ... Hermes of Egypt ... Orpheus of Greece ... [7] Plato ... Pythagoras ... Apollonius of Tyana ... Confucius ... Taliesin, who taught among the Druids and Celts. Examine the great fabric of Philosophical patterns which has been woven since the hands of Mankind touched with wonderment the intricate, delicate threads of life. They have all approximated one primary injunction ... that we love one another. How beautiful and profound is the teaching that we do unto others as we would have others do unto us. Certainly this condition is no property belonging to one person, one time, one place ... it is a Universal objective to be striven for. But rarely has this ever been pursued on local, state, national, or international levels. The most practical way of all, the idealistic, ethical system of human relations based upon Universal values, has too often been ignored. We have the bleak, ash-strewn panorama of world history to attest to this fact.

You'll find in the realm of religious thought this profound statement: "... The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these." (Mark, xii, 29-31) There are no qualifications, you will notice, as to whether thy neighbor shall be a white Caucasian, or a Chinese, or a 5 foot 10 inch descendant of a French Nobleman in the 15th Century. The statement is clear and to the point, without reservations ... Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself ... without restrictive property covenants ... without segregations into ghettos. When He said ... Love thy neighbor as thyself (which is an ancient imperative found in Judaism), the Teacher defined what is meant by one's neighbor in the Parable of the Good Samaritan. The Samaritan helps a man not known to him personally through important references ... who has another country, language, culture, and religion than his own. And to continue our research, we find it written: "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." (John, vii, 24) Skin color, you will notice, has no importance ... rather the ability and character and thought of the individual ... his qualification in the social and economic structure of the day.

And from the Acts, xvii, 26: "And (God) hath made of one blood all Nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth ..." And we might add this thought from Genesis: "Ye shall not see my face, except that your brother be with you."

From the viewpoint of current science, we have this statement by Dr . Robert Millikan, made over the Columbia Pacific Network on December 9th, 1945, in a series of programs in cooperation with the Pacific Coast Council of Churches. He is talking to one of the fictional characters in the plot, who, I fear, is not so fictional, after all. Dr. Millikan is speaking of the Atomic Bomb: "Science is impersonal . . so are its products. ... The Principle that explodes an atomic bomb is no respecter of persons. Anyone within the area of the shockwave from that explosion will feel it ... and suffer ... and die. But though science and its products are impersonal, scientists are not. We are living, breathing men ... and we do not like the idea of killing our brothers. I do not make the statement carelessly in reference to "brothers." It is supported by the findings of the men who study such things. I am not an anthropologist ... but I have had conversations with several on the matter . . . and they seem to agree that there are no proven fundamental differences between the different races, i.e., no inherited differences other than pigmentation and minor conformations. There are no anatomical differences. All men ... regardless of race or color ... have the same number of bones and muscles. From a scientific [8] view-point ... there is only one race ... we call it human." We should also remember that there is no difference in the biochemical determination of the blood cells in the so-called white and colored races, and no difference as to their intellectual abilities.

So it becomes perfectly obvious, after we examine the problem, that prejudiced attitudes are judgments that the pass on objects or persons before we have had any experience which would give us reasonable grounds for feeling or acting as we do. These prejudgments are the result of our predisposition to lump objects or persons together into classes or categories, irrespective of their individual merits or differences. For example, to show you how far prejudices can infiltrate into our social pattern, this statement by Louella Miles in her book entitled Some Biographical Suggestions on the Problems of Anti-Semitism is to the point: If you ask a Christian schoolboy who killed Caesar, he will not say the Romans ... but Brutus, Cassius ... and the others. Ask him who killed Lincoln ... and he will not say ... the Americans. But if you ask him who killed Jesus ... he will not say the Roman soldiers ... but the Jews." The word "Race" is the cheap explanation tyros offer for any collective trait they are too stupid or too lazy to trace to its origins in the physical environment, the social environment, or the historical environment. Actions and thoughts spring from the unknown quantity of human nature, race has little to do with it, and we must examine all the factors surrounding a thought or an action before we are qualified to pass judgment. Even then we are reminded that judgment is a ticklish business ... "Judge not that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." (Matt, vii, 1-2)

Actually, anthropologists are unable to agree on a definition of "Race." They admit that the poorest criterion is skin color. At precisely which shade of coloring does a person cease to be white and become "colored"? As G.K. Chesterton remarks: "A truly white person would be a horrible sight." There is no "race," as such. There are just people living on earth ... good people ... and bad people ... depending upon your definition of good and bad ... but certainly not good or bad because of any ethnic stock.

We are a great Nation of many peoples ... with certain constitutional rights that are among the most enlightened in the parade of world-governments. Let us put the theories of this government into daily practice. Let its put the teachings of the world's philosophers, the thoughtful laws of the world's Religious Teachers, the findings of the sincere men of science, into daily operation. It's up to each one of us to solve the problem of freedom of will, the greatest of all tests in a Democracy, in a civilization; to live for the benefit of our neighbors, and of all that lives.

"Judge not according to appearances, but judge ye righteous judgment." The Brotherhood of Man is not an empty phrase, an open sentence. It is the greatest principle for the motivation of human conduct on the face of the earth today ... tomorrow ... and always.


The rising cost of production has made it imperative to raise the subscription price of "Theosophia" to $1.50. We delayed this change as long as we could. We earnestly hope that our subscribers will understand the unavoidable nature of this move, forced as we are to keep pace with the economic circumstances prevailing in the country. - Editors. [9]


Another Prophecy Fulfilled
Boris De Zirkoff

Fifty years ago, on April 29, 1897, Sir J. J. Thomson announced to the Royal Institution of London his epoch-making conclusions regarding the existence of "particles" some eighteen hundred times smaller than the atom of hydrogen.

The indivisible atom of nineteenth-century physics could no longer be maintained. The entire conception of the structure of matter, upheld by materialism, collapsed within a short time following the above-mentioned date. Today, fifty years later, the ultimate divisibility of matter is not even thought of, and ultra-modern researchers are busy uncovering new and yet undreamt of constituents in the mysterious realm of sub-atomic worlds.

This state of affairs was prophetically outlined by H.P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine and certain of her articles published in contemporaneous magazines. The present scientific pronouncements are therefore a conclusive vindication of her knowledge, and of the still greater knowledge of those Adepts in occult Science whose mouthpiece she was.

The great Russian chemist, Alex. M. Butleroff (1828-1886), boldly stated in his Scientific Letters the illogical nature of the materialistic conception. In answer to the question, what is an atom? he wrote:

"It is, we are answered by Science, the limited division of substance, the indivisible particle of matter. To admit the divisibility of the atom amounts to an admission of an infinite divisibility of substance, which is equivalent to reducing substance to nihil, a nothingness. Owing to a feeling of self-preservation alone, materialism cannot admit infinite divisibility; otherwise it would have to bid farewell forever to its basic principle and thus sign its own death-warrant.

"See now a curious contradiction this fundamental principle of the materialists is leading them into ... the atom is indivisible, and at the same time we know it to be elastic. An attempt to deprive it of elasticity is unthinkable; it would amount to an absurdity. Absolutely non-elastic atoms could never exhibit a single one of those numerous phenomena that are attributed to their correlations. Without any elasticity, the atoms could not manifest their energy, and the substance of the materialists would remain weeded of every force. Therefore, if the Universe is composed of atoms, then those atoms must be elastic. It is here that we meet with an insuperable obstacle ... no elasticity is possible without change with respect to the position of the compound particles of an elastic body. This means that the elastic body is changeful and consists of particles, or, in other words, that elasticity can pertain only to those bodies that are divisible. And the atom is elastic." (Quoted in The Secret Doctrine; I. 519).

H.P. Blavatsky's comment on this remarkable statement stands out as one of the most important passages in her great work. She says:

"This is sufficient to show how absurd are the simultaneous admissions of the non-divisibility and elasticity of the atom. The atom is elastic, ergo, the atom is divisible, and must consist of particles, or of sub-atoms. And these sub-atoms? They are either non-elastic, and in such case they represent no dynamic importance, or, they are elastic also; and in that case, they, too, are subject to divisibility. And thus ad infinitum. But infinite divisibility of atoms resolves matter into simple centres of force, i.e., precludes the possibility of conceiving matter as an objective substance." (Op.cit. I, 519).

The entire march of Modern Science, from 1897 on, has been a progressive vindication of this statement. Einstein, Jeans, Eddington, Planck, Bragg, and an entire generation of younger scientists, such as Urey, Lawrence, Fermi, Oppenheimer, and a score of others, have singly and collectively confirmed the undeniable fact that, paradoxically enough, the constituents of what is generally known as "matter" have none of the familiar characteristics of "matter," and cannot be conceived of, or described, as such. As a matter of sober fact, the most immaterial, intangible and practically inconceivable "units" are precisely the constituents of the everyday matter or [10] substance with which we deal, or think we do.

This is voiced by several outstanding men of science. Raymond F. Yates has written:

"The world and all that is in it ... the substances against which we bark our shins or wreck our automobiles, is nothing but a condition of energy; energy congealed or crystallized we might say ... The electron really should not be thought of as having size in the generally accepted sense of the term. Its characteristics are essentially related to mass and energy. That is what places such a burden upon our faculties when we attempt to draw a mental picture of it. In reality, a description of our modern concept of matter as a whole must or should be divorced from reference to familiar things. It is perhaps just as sensible to look upon both electrons and positive spheres as being mathematical points possessing mass and energy. They are the true constituents of matter, but taken singly they cannot be viewed in the light of matter. (These Amazing Electrons, p. 32).

In the concept of Sir James Jeans, one of the most intuitive scientists of this century, matter was "nothing but a sort of congealed radiation traveling at less than its normal speed." He suggested that "radiation may ultimately prove to be merely matter moving with the speed of light, and matter to be radiation moving with a speed less than that of light ... " From this he drew the conclusion that "these concepts reduce the whole universe to a world of light, potential or existent ... " (The Mysterious Universe, pp. 82-84).

The entire drift of atomic research, and its results, as of today, have confirmed the above, and have demonstrated beyond the shallow of a doubt, that the world of so-called matter is a world of concentrated energy, and that both energy and matter are but two aspects of the same underlying something at present still beyond the grasp of science.

This drift of scientific research, and the conceptions arrived at by the leading scientists of the day, have placed Science at the very threshold of Occultism. Witness in this connection H.P. Blavatsky's words:

"It is on the doctrine of the illusive nature of matter, and the infinite divisibility of the atom, that the whole science of Occultism is based." (S.D., I, 520).

R.F. Yates echoes the same thought in quasi-scientific language:

"... the world we live in is a phantom, a ghost, and ... the substance of that ghost is energy ... Dimly do we begin to appreciate that things are not what they seem and that matter as it appears to our senses is really somewhat of an illusion ... Matter is largely space. The irreducible residue that is left is energy, a ghost in the cosmos! (Op.cit., pp. 9-10, 25 ).

Place this side by side with H.P. Blavatsky's words:

"... Light and heat are the ghost or shadow of matter in motion." (Op.cit., I, 515).

and you will have another confirmation of the truth of certain occult conceptions which today are permeating the world of scientific thought.

The question has been asked by thoughtful people: "Do Theosophists claim to be responsible for the change of views in modern scientific circles? Do they arrogate to themselves the honor of having produced that change?" We answer: "No, no such claims have ever beets put forward by sane Theosophists, whatever may have been advanced by others."

But we do make a claim nevertheless and it is this: that certain advanced individuals - Adepts or Initiates of Occult Science - living men of enormous spiritual achievement and intellectual knowledge, have influenced certain modern men of science in various departments of scientific thought; have broadcast along invisible but potent channels certain Ideas, and that these Ideas have been caught front time to time by the most intuitive and selfless researchers, and often attributed by them to flashes of intuition, hunches, or sudden inspirations. We go so far as to point out that certain disciples of these individuals have been actively working, and are working today, in various seats of scientific learning, and are in touch with the exponents of modern science, for the purpose of [11] pre-sensing when the time is ripe certain illuminating thoughts to the consideration of the most intuitive scientific minds, to be used by them for the furtherance of their research.

One of the top men of Science, Mr. Irving Langmuir, Director of the general Electric Research Laboratories, said in a broadcast on Dec. 26, 1942 (See Science, Jan. I, 1943, pp. 1-7)

"... It is absurd to think that reason should be our guide in all cases. Reason is too slow and too difficult ... What then must we do? Why not do what the human race always has done - use the abilities we have - use common sense, judgment and experience. We underrate the importance of intuition.

"In almost every scientific problem which I have succeeded in solving, even after those that have taken days or months of work, the final solution has come to my mind in a fraction of a second by a process which is not consciously one of reasoning ... The power of the human mind is far more remarkable than one ordinarily thinks."

Similar statements have been made by Edison, Planck, and others. They do not mean, of course, that every brilliant scientific generalization or illuminating thought is necessarily of outside origination, because this would very obviously disregard the fact that every progressive and forward-looking scientist taps from time to time his own inner center of inspiration by means of that little understood process which underlies the manifestation of intuition. But there is quite enough evidence to show that some of the most important "discoveries" of Science have been made by several researchers, independently working in different parts of the world, and they have been made at practically the same time. This alone would point at least to the possibility, if not the probability, of the fact that these researchers were tuned in at that particular time to a "beam" of thought, each one in his own especial way, and "caught", maybe with slight modifications, the main theme which was being broadcast from those quarters whose sole and unique purpose is to lift mankind from ignorance to knowledge, and from darkness into light.

It should also be pointed out that no such "tuning in" could be possible unless the individual in question were already a man of considerable intuition himself, i.e., able to tap under favorable conditions a higher level of consciousness within himself. That stratosphere of his own Higher Mind has special affinities with the minds of those Individuals who are working behind the scenes for the upliftment of mankind.

Considering the remarkable fact that practically every one of the present day scientific generalizations regarding the structure of matter and the nature of the Universe has been foreshadowed on the pages of The Secret Doctrine and in other writings of H.P. Blavatsky, we would recommend to the progressive scientist of today a thorough study of these writings. They contain a great many other hints and statements concerning facts of nature not yet discovered, facts which might appear to the casual reader as strange and unbelievable today as the prophetic statements regarding the sub-atomic worlds were in 1897.

The Secret Doctrine - as a system of thought - is "the accumulated Wisdom of the Ages ... it is the uninterrupted record covering thousands of generations of Seers whose respective experiences were made to test and to verify the traditions passed orally by one early race to another, of the teachings of higher and exalted beings, who watched over the childhood of Humanity." (S.D., 1, 272-73).

Buried temporarily in oblivion, this system of thought is gradually emerging again into the light of day. And some of its basic postulates are being brilliantly demonstrated to a skeptical generation by the scientists of the day. In this work of uncovering the hidden facts of Nature, Science and the Ancient Wisdom are the best of allies, especially when motivated by the uplifting and strengthening motive of the highest Ethics, directed towards the goal of the amelioration of the Human Race. [12]


Judith Tyberg

Is there good in our present Dark Age? Is there opportunity for those who love spiritual and noble intellectual pursuits to advance, to find peace and render service? A natural question in the presence of the tragedies and materialism we see so predominant around us. But good there is and opportunity of a very high kind. It is stress and strain which open men's hearts and break the restricting veils that have encased them in small ruts of thinking and acting. The Iron Age is a hard and exacting one for the aspiring soul of man. Everything moves so intensely, so violently. If we directed its swift motion to the awakening of inner powers, we would see wonders of the human spirit.

Human life is not only for the body and its sensations and desires. We have interior facilities of mind and heart and spirit. Even these can be used either for self or for humanity. Hence life must test the lasting strength, the expressed divineness of our characters, before we are given free range in the omniscient fields of our higher selves. It was Seneca who said: "Virtue dies without opposition." This is the purification process. This dark age, foretold in detail in the Sanskrit and Hermetic writings (Vishnu Purana, Bk. 4, chap. xxiv, and Egyptian Hermetic work called Treatise on Initiations), is the preparatory age for the great sifting process that must take place for the building of a humanity worthy of the glories it is to receive at certain cyclic periods. If this chastening process is not accomplished there will be no human souls to receive the blessings from on high, for only greatness call recognise greatness and pass it on in a magnanimous way for all men's progress. The surviving records of ancient seership commonly describe the coming of the present Cycle of outward degeneration, but they likewise give a promise of a following spiritual awakening, the ripened fruit of those daring lovers of high things who carry on regardless of the world.

Those who seize the unusual opportunities of this age will be compensated, and they will advance, and become the forerunners in the Golden Age to come, the age of peace and the sweet innocence of childhood in a new sphere of consciousness on this earth, an age guided by souls who have already passed through similar experiences and choose to share their gains with others.

The essence of the work of compassionate service is the recognition of our Oneness. The great brotherhood of humanity that exists in truth on inner lines works spontaneously in the lives of Buddha-like and Christ-like souls. There is no arbitrary ruling or authority from above, but a natural flowing forth of divine light that lightens darkness because it cannot help it, because it penetrates everywhere and quickens spiritual activity. That divine light belongs to no one alone, it is beaming in all living things, it is our only reliant and permanent guide. True spiritual leaders and all great Scriptures have always directed man to this Sun within.

I love to think of and study the many manifestations of this God. Every heart touched by it displays another beauty, another glory. No one alone can be the All in its grandeur, each has its own unique duty of sharing the splendor. As Lysaght, an Irish poet, expressed so beautifully:

"For the meaning that dwells in all things,
The story of every heart,
Is the same, - the infinite story of all
Whereof each telleth a part: -
Tidings mightier, graver,
Than a single voice call utter,
Too deep and solemn a secret
To sleep in a single breast,
But the voice of each makes truer
The voices of all the rest;
And each repeats of the story
The part that it loves the best." [13]


Annie Besant
(Excerpts from an Address at the Convention of the T.S. in England. The Theosophist, Sept., 1911.)

There are no heretics in the Theosophical Society. You only have heretics where there are dogmas, and we have no dogmas in the Theosophical Society; and unless that is remembered, our Theosophical ship will always be in danger of running on to a rock or sticking on a sand bank. H.P.B. warned us of that long ago. Now, when she warned us of that, it was not that she did not hold strong opinions herself, nor that she did not express them extremely vigorously at times. She was by no means a colorless personality, but she knew, as every Occultist knows, that while you may hold strong opinions for yourself and express them strongly, no Occultist will try to impose those opinions upon another, or make the measure of his own belief the measure of the acceptance of the other. There is nothing which we are bound to accept in the Theosophical Society except its three Objects - and sometimes people forget that. We came in on those, and no one has the right to limit the liberty which was offered to us on our admission to the Society. No one has a right to add other objects without the consent of the whole body of the Theosophical Society.


The moment people see a truth, they accept it: until they do see it, they are hypocrites if they pretend to accept it. That has been the great fault of the Churches in all ages and in all the religions of the past. They wanted to argue about the Truth. They quarreled and fought about the Truth. They penalized the non-acceptance of the Truth, and forced it down unwilling throats. Truth is a Light, and the moment the Light shines, those with eyes can see it, and those who see it not must wait the time until their eyes are opened and they see.

No Master demands belief from a disciple. I have heard One say (it has been said to myself when I heard something said that I did not understand): "Oh! never mind; you will understand it presently." And that is the right attitude. If you are sure you are right, be glad of the truth you know, and so hold your truth and live it that others near you may gradually be opened also to see and receive. I have been told: "Oh! then you do not care whether people think rightly or Wrongly." Yes, I do; but I want the right thought to come in the right way, by inner recognition and not by outer compulsion. To me right thought is of the utmost importance - "as a man thinks so he is" - and there is nothing sadder than to see a man who should recognize a truth have his eyes bandaged against it by some secondary fact, some hardness or unwillingness of heart. But, because I hold Truth so precious, because I hold Truth so vital, therefore I would only hold it up so that all who can may see its beauty and recognize it as they recognize the sun in heaven. The sun does not quarrel; the sun does not assert itself; it only shines, and it shines the whole time; and if one does not see it, it is either that the eyes are blind or that some clouds for the moment have come between the eye and the sun. So is it with Truth. Truth is ever shining, ever uplifting, but sometimes our eyes are not opened to it, sometimes clouds of prejudice, of self-conceit may act to shut out the light for a time. Never mind, the Truth twill go on shining more and more; - the clouds will tend to vanish more; the eyes will begin to open. [14]


Emily L. Neresheimer

Why does not civilization persistently continue along lines of progression? What is it that dooms it again and again to retrogression and destruction, in spite of marvelous advancement in material knowledge, and the teachings of current religions?

Ancient sages told us that evolutionary progress does not go forward in an unbroken straight line, but advances in cycles. Like the rise and fall of the waves of the ocean, even the largest must fall to rise again. The records of accessible history, and still more remotely, allegories and myths, preserved in the memory of the people, tell of this cyclic progression, as a fact in Nature. Also stories of great men and heroes who have led men, and have shown them the way to overcome the handicaps of retrogressive circumstances, both individually and generally, have asserted that the masses being made up of individuals, true progress can be accomplished uninterruptedly by individual effort. Self-control, aimed at a balance of the facilities of heart and mind, must be achieved before individual and general harmony and peace can be attained.

It is the duality and unbalance of heart and mind that prevents a man from "going over the top," so to say, at the beginning of the retrogressive movement of the cycle, when the end of farther progress sets in for the time being.

An old Chinese philosopher said that when shadows fall with the retrogression of a cycle, the time has come for the wise man to remain silent, for every word spoken leads either to the enmity of opponents, or to misunderstandings. So the wise man remains in seclusion, or follows his customary avocation, wherein he can also successfully hide his real thought-life, until such time as the tide turns, and the right moment for positive action arrives.

William Q. Judge wrote, "In this time of upturning, the wise man waits. He bends himself, like the reed, to the blast, so that it may blow over his head. Rising into the plane where these currents are rushing while you try to travel higher still, you feel these inimical influences. . . It is an age of iron . . . but the wise man waits for natural changes, knowing that if the eye is fixed where the light shines, he will presently know what to do. This hour is not ripe."

A new type of thinking, aiming at cooperation and universal brotherhood, must set in and guide human life if irreparable disaster is to be averted. Each one of us is an inseparable part of the Great Whole; a link in the long chain of human progress that may not be broken.


"... Above everything else. Fellows of the Theosophical Society must guard their right to freedom of conscience, freedom of thought and freedom of speech; and while the brain-mind always loves things which are 'clear and definite,' as the saying goes, and while we certainly should strive for clarity and definiteness, yet we can achieve these without losing our inestimable right and privilege of searching for truth for ourselves in the blessed teachings we have, and finding them from our own efforts in study and self-discipline ..." - G. de Purucker, Messages to Conventions, p. 164. [15]



Passing from lowlands to highlands, then down and up again on the way to desert country, the thought took a natural turn to the rise and fall of civilizations. The Roman Empire with its Rise and Fall came to mind and held firmly, as the road leveled out, unblocking the beauty and grandeur of the horizon far ahead.

How like the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, the Grecian Culture and tile Egyptian Civilization, was the panoramic landscape just passed over? Ever Rising, Leveling out, and then Falling. Yet the cultural MOVEMENT behind it all was ever advancing, only the FORM was destroyed. What caused it all? What causes all the Ups and Downs? Races, Empires, Nations, Religions, Churches, Organizations innumerable - even to little businesses just around the corner.

Rome rose and flowered into magnificence. It leveled out when POWER fell into the hands of the few. The fall came when the few released their power to the Caesar dictators. Can it be that human nature ever repeats itself down through the Ages, and the same quality in the nature of a Caesar again manifests through heads of nations and smaller groups everywhere?

What might be corroding corruption leading to the downfall of nations or any other organized group, comes from lack of enthusiasm, lethargy, dogmatism or misuse of power by individuals.

Then came the thought: But Good never dies and Truth crushed to earth shall rise again. What was good in the Roman Empire remains to this day. The old Roman Law is still consulted and used; the Roman road standard furnished the basis for our modern highways and the real culture of that day set a pattern for the Ages. Art, sculpture, architecture and literature remain as the Living Good of the Grecian Civilization. The uncovering of the mysteries of Egypt will enlighten the ages yet unborn.

Verily - Good can never die. How readily one remembers the Good of one who has passed from earth life? Its influence goes on, all else DIES with the body. Why mourn about the dissolution of any FORM?

Can it be that all of the accumulated good of the FORMS of the Ages surges forth into MOVEMENTS that lift the tenor of civilizations to ever higher spirals of evolution? Ever UPWARD - each one slightly higher than the last!

Can it be that from a vast MOVEMENT there again flower forth ORGANIZATIONS which crystallize into FORM, as the upsurge levels off, reverting once more to the movement stage, as the downdraft brings out their weak points? Just as shining raindrops to the sea return!

Pursuing this line of thought, memory brings back many concrete cases and it is noted that if the Movement concerned was originally of a weak character, once it reversed back from the organizational FORM, it often continued its death career until it entirely disintegrated. If it was originally formed on TRUTH and had a spiritual quality, it may have had a veritable series of rises and falls, but consistently refused to DIE. However, it exists principally in the passive Movement condition and only at intervals in the organizational Form.

Re-embodiment is continuous, and what we call the death of an individual, a group or a nation, merely means a new birth in ever higher forms. Then why mourn when individual, organization or nation dies? The clay overcoat alone is subject to bondage, but Man is FREE. All organizations are merely groupings of clay overcoats.

MORAL: Hold fast to the Good and True. Make it Impersonal and it is a Movement. Make it Personal and it is a Form.

And that's Compensative Theosophy.

- The Wayfarer. [Hubert S. Turner] [16]



Another staunch Companion has for a title departed front our midst. We record the closing of the earthly career of Frank Graham Finlayson who passed into light on February 9th, 1947. His was a life full of experience service; and he lived it with wisdom and high discrimination.

Born in Australia, in 1864, of Scotch parentage, he came to America at the age of three. In 1885, he received his law degree from the Hastings Law School, and soon went to practice in Los Angeles. He was a member of the California Assembly, 1893-94, Assistant U.S. Attorney, So. District, 1895-97, and Superior Court judge, 1911-19. He was presiding justice of tile District Court of Appeals, 1919-26, and was then appointed to the State Supreme Court. In later years, while in private practice, he was a member of the Board of Governors of the State Bar Association.

A 33rd degree Mason, and an active worker in the Theosophical Society since 1922, Judge Finlayson will be remembered as an unusually intuitive student of the Esoteric Philosophy, a profound scholar of both ancient philosophy and modern science, and as an intrepid and original thinker, whose life was wholly dedicated to the principles of the Theosophical Movement and the service of his fellowmen. Of high integrity, deep-seated convictions, and unfailing kindness, he remains a living example of a true Theosophist.

The judge and his wife, Grace Finlayson, organized some years ago a Theosophical Lodge (No. 60) in Los Angeles, and were instrumental in bringing Theosophy to the attention of a very large number of new people, among whom were both men and women of prominence in the community, and humble seekers after Truth.

A subject of special interest to judge Finlayson has always been the Mystery Schools of the Classical World, their influence a on Early Christianity, and their gradual re-birth in the thought-currents of the present era. For all we know, he may have had something to do with them in the distant past. He certainly contributed greatly to their renaissance in the present, through his constant contacts with outstanding scientific, religious, and civic leaders of the day. And as to the future, we are looking forward to the time when we meet our Companion of old once again, and join forces in some nobler civilization than ours, in the perennial Cause of Truth.

May he be in the keeping of the Wise Ones on his pilgrimage among the stars!


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